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August releases are out

Started by madbean, August 24, 2023, 07:30:28 PM

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The Pearl flanger and a Shredmaster in a 1590B!


Nice man. Interesting art change up, you broke from the norm.

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Pedal building is like the opposite of sex.  All the fun stuff happens before you get in the box.



This is turning into a good year to overcome my irrational fear of analog flangers.



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Who the hell is Bucky?


I hesitated by a day but nailed the Kingmaker and Ripjaw.  Do I really need another flanger?  Of course I do.  It's weird how everybody's variation on essentially the same effect can be such a different spice in the rack.  I'm a fan of the old Pearl effects so this was not a difficult decision to build this one.

I had a build of a Marshall Shredmaster and for the life of me I don't recall if it was an etched thing or somebody's board.  One of the problems of hanging around a music store and having a bunch of guitar buddies (and being pretty liberal about lending or "lending" effects out) is that getting stuff to people that REALLY like it becomes challenging to ever get it back. Honestly, I kinda like that.  It's a horrible business model but it works quite well at the soul level.  I seem to recall the Shred was one of those.  I got to play it for about a half hour after I built it and it moved to someone's board and felt like home there.  Sometimes I actually sell stuff.  I mostly call in favors from time to time.
Gordy Power
How loud is too loud?  What?


Built the Kingmaker and can't quite get it to be as lush as the mxr or to get a little crazy the rate works well as does the manual ,the depth is ok and the feed back dosen''t quite work that well the MXR has a feed back trimmer ,my pcb has rev1 the pdf rev2 what is the difference .I built the stacked BF2 from PedalPCB so this should have been easy