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Tourbus Troubles (the bus burned down)

Started by freshmex18, October 09, 2023, 05:39:13 AM

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So next step is to replace everything and see if it works?


Quote from: freshmex18 on October 16, 2023, 01:03:52 AM
So next step is to replace everything and see if it works?

More or less. I would leod in your ICs on the main board first, then spot check voltages to see if you retain -15v on the power pins of the ICs. If so, load up the BBD board and just follow the build guide. So long as there isnt another issue we overlooked you should be good to go.



Pedal is working again!  Thank you so much for the one-on-one troubleshooting.  It is greatly appreciated.  Such a high level of customer service around here.

So I was right that one of the components in the area of the BBD was at fault after the pedal went up in smoke (it wasn't really that much).  Replacing the lot of them did remove the faulty component.  It was my error of putting a 330k resistor in place of the 10r that kept the pedal from turning on and working afterward.  I still have absolutely no idea how I cocked that up.  Did I somehow look up R23's value instead of R38?  Did I accidentally put a 330k in the 10r bag during a previous build?  Who knows.  Totally my fault

And the best part is that the new BBD has eliminated the ticking in bypass.  For now at least.  Here is hoping it stays that way.  For now, everything is working as it should.

Thank you again.  This is why I keep coming back for more boards.  Happy to support you


I'm glad it worked out. Most problems like these can be solved pretty easily just by breaking things down in the right way. The only trick is to know where to start!


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