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external foot switch for mini looper pedal?

Started by mitchg101, November 15, 2023, 01:06:36 AM

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I plan to build an external looper foot switch wired into a Lekato mini pedal looper using a 2-wire SPST Momentary Foot Switch (normally closed? not sure yet). I hope to wire it into a larger, more stable flat pedal rather than the existing small, unstable switch jutting out of the mini looper pedal.

Am I on the right track, using a two-contact SPST momentary switch, soldered to two appropriate contacts in the looper's switch? Or must it have as many contacts as the looper's switch, and all be cross-wired? I'd like to activate record, playback, overdub, etc. exactly as the internal switch does, but with a larger, external flat foot switch.


Figured it out.  Thanks to all ;}  Right under the rear plate (4 screws) of the Lekato Looper Pro there are four contacts where the switch meets the board.  Ohmmeter proved them to be "normally open" and that they were paired (two X, two Y).  Shorting them activated the looper's record, play and erase as expected.  Soldering in a "normally open" foot switch will be easy as there's plenty of space for a drilled hole and cable snaked through.  Now I can use an ergonomic, light-action, full-size foot switch instead of that dopey protruding thing with all its extra wasted motion before it makes contact.