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Help With Switches

Started by bigmufffuzzwizz, January 06, 2012, 02:04:03 AM

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Switches seem to be one of my weakest points and what I know is from repetition completely. The Beavis Audio site has been so much help to much learning the basics of wiring up switches (SPST, SPDT, DPDT) along with diagrams people have posted here. I attempted to add a 3 way toggle switch and failed so I come asking for help.

I'm not quite sure what kind of switch I would want to use, I tried using a on-off-off thinking that the off position would give me the value soldered on the board. What I got was a dead spot.  :-\ I'm thinking if I used an on-on-on it would work but I probably have the wiring incorrect. Can anyone help?
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needs to be on-on-on. Each "on" position sends the signal to a different diode/resistor/whatever


It really, really depends on where it is in the circuit. on-off-on will completely isolate all three pins in the middle position, it works for certain things where you don't want conduction between any of the lugs. Sort of like an off switch. on-on-on will connect all three lugs in the middle position; I think of it like a pickup selector switch where you can choose neck or bridge pickup or in the middle position you can connect both to the output at the same time.


I should specify more then. I'm looking to make a 3 way toggle switch for a wah, I'm experimenting with the sweep cap. I was thinking if I left a value soldered in (1n for instance) in the middle position I would get treble which is the off position, then flip the switch up and add a 10n cap, then something more bassy on the down position. I may have this all wrong, is there a better way to implement this?
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Here is how you would wire up an on-off-on switch as a cap selector in a standard vox/crybaby setup.

The switch positions will correspond to the following:

1 (left) - C1+C2
2 (middle position) - C1
3 (right) - C1+C3

So you can just design it to go to whatever cap value you like! Pretty awesome.


I think it would work that way, not that I doubt you Paul, just adding that as far as my brain works (which is sometimes faulty I'll admit) it seems to be electrically sound.

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That was exactly it and did the trick!! This standard crybaby is kicking some serious ass now! Thanks!!
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Sweet! Glad to see its working. Looking at this now you could actually use this with an on-on-on switch too, the middle position would just be C1+C2+C3. Cant wait to try the Weener's frequency cap blender, never seen anything like that in a wah.