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Custom Aquaboy + Boost

Started by Bio77, December 10, 2023, 07:17:06 PM

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This was a special build for me.  I few years back, Spotify turned me onto the band Plague Vendor and I became a big fan.  I haven't been a fan of a band to this degree since I was in high school in the 90s.  So, it's been a lot of fun.  Anyways, I got the opportunity to meet the band after their show a few months back.  Talking with the guitarist I offered to make him a pedal. 

He currently uses a MXR Carbon Copy for a slap back delay on lead parts.  He said that the CC was a little clean for his taste.  Also, he used to use a boost at the same time but ditched it because it was difficult to turn both on at the same time.   So, I thought a DM-2 with a boost would be a good alternative.   

Luckily, I had two built up Aquaboys in my stash.  I chose the JFET boost Barry had GPCB. I just had to move the feedback pot with some offboard wiring.  Needed to shoehorn everything, but it worked.  I might want to do a layout for a utility board at some point but this worked well.  The graphic are no-film but I used a paint marker on the label to block in the white.  Enclosure is mint green from Tayda.


Awesome build and story! I'm sure he'll dig the pedal!


Amazing looking build in and out! Love the graphics, the white finishes it perfectly.

Getting into a band in a big way post teenage years is such a pure pleasure, it's so cool you got to make a pedal for the dude!
I sometimes label builds rockwright


I like it, story and all! Nice work on concealing it all beneath the board. Looks super clean.

Aleph Null

This looks great! The labeling is really crisp for paint marker; you must have a very steady hand. Did you need any extra washer or two on foot switch to get enough clearance?