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Susan Tedeschi's OD

Started by TNblueshawk, April 14, 2024, 12:35:17 PM

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So what we have below is her OD that my guitar tech neighbor ( he is Derek's and Susan's guitar tech) gave me to fix a few things on. To say I'm nervous to not screw it up in some way would be an understatement. It's got a jacked up battery cable that was "hot wired" 10 min before a show as it putzed out. The 9v jack took a Mike Tyson in his prime blow and punched it in which I assume someone stepped on it sideways or something fell on it. The more invasive thing is pulling the Vol pot B100k and replacing it. It works but where the solid shaft meets then knurled part you can actually open it up a bit. There is a lot of play. I would guess that when it was on its side and took the blow the Vol know got bent as well creating this plan in the shaft. I have since decided though since he says she has not had any issues with the pot to just leave it along.

Anyone familiar with Moollon from South Korea? I did some research. Interesting stuff on them. It is clear they really don't want anyone poking around at their PCB.