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MadBean Orifice (Openhaus)

Started by djmiyta, April 09, 2024, 08:54:49 PM

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I am now on my 5th attempt to build the openhaus. This time using Madbeans Orifice layout. After a little troubleshooting I finally got signal on the output jack.
  There are still 2 issues to work out
  1) - the treble pot doesn't change any thing

  2) - there is barely ANY distortion

As I don't have 2n1306 tranny's I subbed in 2n2369 which I used in my Lighthaus build and they sound great but not so much in the openhaus circuit. I'm assuming (and hoping ) all it is is the tranny's.
 Has anyone built this pedal?
 If you did were there any issues you had with your build? and if so what were they.

It seems most shy away from this build due to the high part count and complexity so finding any info on it is pretty scarce so any help getting this monster to work properly is really appreciated thanks in advance

Trying to figure out how to upload pics that are the wrong format and too big and will as soon as I can