Author Topic: Roland Funnycat / Silly Feline content  (Read 1229 times)


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Roland Funnycat / Silly Feline content
« on: January 14, 2012, 05:23:27 PM »
Hi All,

has anyone out there either built or own an original funnycat?

I have built up the Roland Funnycat, using the Geo silly feline layout, and just had a couple of questions as to whether it is working correctly or not.

1> as stated in the build docs, there is quite a bit of treble loss in bypass (as well as some bleed through of the fuzz). i'm thinking that rather than add another switch to true bypass the whole thing, it may be simpler to a buffer on the input...

2> in harmonic mover mode "c", i'm getting some pretty heavy + painful oscillation with the blend up past halfway. i assume this isn't standard behaviour. i used 4558's for the dual opamps, the only parts sub was film caps instead of the 680n + 220n tants.

if someone who has built this could chime in, that would be hugely appreciated

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