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Hitting the road with Fu Manchu

Started by bigmufffuzzwizz, August 17, 2012, 05:45:46 PM

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Hey everybody!

The time has come again to get in the van and hit the road. Except this time we're starting on a plane!!
My friends band (The Shrine) have been working hard and got an awesome break opening up for Fu Manchu on their upcoming European tour. Many countries, a gig almost everynight its gonna be quite the ride. 

I'm lucky enough to get a spot in the van tagging along promoting my pedals. I'm doing my best to get as many units completed to take with me and put at their merch table. I would love to meet anyone on here. If your gonna be at any of these shows come find me! Really wanna connect and meet other Mad-beaners!!

Here's the flyer with the list of shows...
I'm so excited  ;D

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Congrats! That will be a blast.

I've been a Fu fan since Action is Go. Bought a Mexi Jag and a Green Russian within a month.

Take plenty of pictures for us.
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THat is fantastic. Congrats. I have been a FMC fan since early on as well.

"table toppin' low like we aint never seen"  ;)


ALRIGHT MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fu is one of those untouchable Way Up On A Pedestal bands in my world.  It's pretty much them and AC/DC on the top shelf.

I also just listened to your video on fb and that Shrine Fuzz slays! 

Have fun and know that I am absolutely green with envy  :o


Man, that's a great opportunity!! You lucky dog, you! I'll try to get a ticket for the show in Eindhoven, maybe I'll meet you there!

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I'll try to go at the Luxembourg show, it's 40miles from home.
Congrats buddy!


Dude, that's awesome!  That will be a fun experience.

I guess I'll wait to mail you your pitch pirate.  :D
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Man thats awesome!  Jealous much, have fun! 8)


Oh its gonna be amazing. I really do hope to meet up with someone from here! I will take pictures, drink tons of beer and rock the  ;D out everynight
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Sent via soup cans and string.


I might come to the gig i in gothenburg!


So first night was a real blast! My friends got a good response and Fu killed it of course, but even crazier the DAM guy was there. Talked to him for a good while, he complimented my work so much it was slightly unbelievable. This guy is a legend, he sold a pedal on ratbay for over $2K. Very honored I must say.
He was so impressed that I got all that muff in a box that fits in the palm of your hand (1590B). I think its nothing compared to what some of you do. But he kept urging me that I need big boxes so he gave me his card as a source for enclosures!
Now its 6am and we leave to London in 3 hours, I can hardly sleep.
What a way to start...
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What an amazing beginning for your trip! You must so proud  ;)


Hey thats totally awesome Magic... wow what a start


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