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Started by bigmufffuzzwizz, September 02, 2012, 05:59:14 PM

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I absolutely love archiving old music and spend a decent amount of time when I can just searching for old heavy rock outfits from all over the world. So here's a super interesting discovery related to our pedal world and I was kinda mind blown to see this but it makes sense. So I came across this band....
If you read into the second paragraph you should see a name that's pretty familiar. I guess it makes too much sense this guy would be in a heavy pysch band from the time, the thing is so many bands didn't make commercial success and washed away with the time now frozen. I love coming across this kinda I dug a bit deeper and I was correct on my guess..

Pretty trippy band but its enjoyable...

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Also here's the site if anyone is interested. Just found it today a really good blog with some very rare obsucrities..
Owner and operator of Magic Pedals


Thanks for the link Magic! There are hours of listening for the stompboxes building sessions. They have some Os Mutantes albums too  ;D