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[non-madbean] Rhododendron: Tap Tempo Trem/Pitch

Started by MattOcaster, September 22, 2012, 09:32:58 AM

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Man, sooo nice. Great job. I love the hand drawn combined with graphic. Top notch. What's up with the tossed salad look inside? With such sick building skills I would figure you would have all your wires perfectly straight and such. Just giving you a hard time, kudos to some really great and unique builds!
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Haha, it's pretty neat considering:
3 pcbs
12 pots
6 LED's.
Thank the Pope for the ribbon wire I used with the pots!

As to the wiring, it always starts off neat but the later in the night it gets... by 11.30pm it's white insulation tape everywhere!
That being said I was careful about keeping the audio and LFO paths seperate - and there's no LFO noise which was a big relief.  The squarewave trem isn't as quiet as it could be, but a problem for another day!  ;D
Check out my Blog :D