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The Totally Epic Klon Thread of Awesome About Swearing

Started by madbean, October 16, 2012, 04:34:07 PM

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So, this image popped up a couple of days ago on TGP. It seems to be the real deal. While I do understand the motivation for the "blurb" and totally agree, I gotta say making that the gfx for the pedal is truly baffling. The old Klon is so iconic. This just seems utterly dull and narcissist. Opinions?


This can't be real. The orientation of the text to the pedal would be all wrong. Also, I love the "almost always worse" switch... wait, no... I don't.


it would be funny if he made that the "TGP Special Edition" which sold at a higher price.


It's funny, but it's got to be fake.  Every other image I've seen of it as absolutely no graphics on it.  If it's real, it's marketing suicide.  Unless they're all priced at sub $200 levels, which they won't be.
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There seems to be some corroboration that this is the actual pedal...but there is always the possibility the image is a hoax.

Originally, it was supposed to have some kind of badge or something on the top. But, the guy handling pre-orders for it said the pedal had some bizarre text on it, and then this image popped up sometime later.


If it is a hoax, it's a good one... having personally spent a good deal of time creating humorous Photoshop edits, I must say that someone really put some time into getting that "Almost always better/worse" lettering to look right. - Music, Builds, other nonsense


It's shopped. It's a good job -- very well aligned and they even got the angling right on the text on the side -- but if you put the picture in another frame, there's pixellation surrounding the text, which is a clear sign of a layer (even flattened) in photoshop.

I'd post something on TGP about it, but the tizzy everyone got into after seeing it was just too funny to spoil it.


the fuzzyness around the lettering makes it look photoshopped.



I want to believe that this is fake, both because the message is silly and the orientation is bad (the footswitch way up top, and both input and output on the right?...).

However, just because the text is photoshopped does not mean it's inaccurate. A lot of promo photos are treated this way, where the item is updated with new text, a color is changed, or a part is replaced before a final production model exists for photos. Just look at all the Fender guitar images with strings crossing places they don't belong, etc.


It has to be a hoax, surely. After the magic diodes, the gooping, the denials, etc, etc. Basically he's been a huge part of the hype machine. Indeed I suspect a large proportion of it was him letting it run it's course in order to drive the prices up ever further. The shame was that he was just seemingly failed to exploit it to it's fullest potential. With the way it was before it was traced, he could have named his price and sold it to the highest bidder.

Ah well. I really couldn't give a shit either way. The king is dead, long live the Kingslayer.
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It does seem dull and narcissist. Fake or not, the statement on top is about as humorless as it gets. Then again I can't tell if it's intended to be funny.  :-\


It seems legit except the text.
Did you know the new KLON is SMD based?


Quote from: Loztboy on October 17, 2012, 12:27:36 PM
Did you know the new KLON is SMD based?

Yep. I'm sure it will sound just fine.
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