Author Topic: 1590a Smoothie and an external controller for my Stereo WET reverb  (Read 1672 times)


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Couple new builds from this past weekend! I told you, I am hooked on this 1590a thing now, and just finished #2 and #3, and #4 (cavedweller) and #5 (apis klone) are in progress.

#2 (black pedal) custom "favorite switch" expression controller for my Stereo WET reverb. Now I can have a second footswitchable reverb setting for on the fly adjustment. Very nice to have so I can have the ambient swell setting and a nice subtle reverb and select as needed with the press of a button.

#3 (white one) Madbean's Smoothie Phase 45. Sounds great! I was worried something was wrong, but a tweak on the trim pot and everything started phasing like it should. Everything fit beautifully too so I was very happy.

And no thread is complete without crappy camera phone pics!!

Smoothie guts: