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Nautilus. With fishes.

Started by midwayfair, November 08, 2012, 02:41:21 AM

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This is built stock. Apparently Tayda still has not sorted their 1.8nF box cap mix up (they gave me 18nF), so there are 300pF caps soldered under the board, with 1.5nF's soldered to the top of the board. I trimmed the rotary so the knob looks right, but I'm not completely sold on those MXR knobs and may get something different.

This thing is ridiculously cool. Also loud. One of my favorite settings is shown in the picture (hi, band pass, down). It does a swirling, almost phasery, sound with a chaotic decay. I've never heard any sound like that out of any other filter effect.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing, but it's one of those things that's so good at what it does that I almost want to build a board around it and join a band where I can use it.

Oh. And this with a Lowrider = utter insanity.

I know some people have had some issues with it. There are definitely ways to "break" it with certain control settings. A lot of them have to do with the Lo side with the range switch on "Down," which is a very strange "strangled" setting and makes almost no noise until the envelope decays. Lowering the gain or the guitar's volume, changing the peak, or adjusting the sweep will usually get it working properly, by triggering the envelope less hard. The reward is a pretty neat sound similar to a lazy sprocket with a filter sweep. :)


Man oh man.... That is a sweet looking pedal!  Gotta ask, how does it feel with all that 'air' in the enclosure?  ;D


All that air in the enclosure helps the little fishys to breathe.  ;)

Very nice build.  I love your hand painting, you definitely have a style.


Dude! Must have take ages to paint all those fishies! 8)

Looks great! And how come do i don't have one those pcb! :o
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This is a beautiful build, Jon.


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Beautiful art. That must have taken a while.
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Really cool build dude.


Thanks folks! I should have mentioned that except for me not having two of the right caps on hand that this was a surprisingly easy build for such a large board. Very comfortable and I think one of Brian's best overall layouts from what I've done so far.


Great job.  I agree that this is one of brians best layouts.  For a pedal i never thought i would be able to build, it was really easy and fun.


Got my PCB in the other day.

Beautiful PCB I agree.

Can't wait to build the sucker up and Boom Chicka Wow Wow with it (in my purple velour tracksuit of course!).


Quote from: raulduke on November 08, 2012, 04:54:45 PM
Can't wait to build the sucker up and Boom Chicka Wow Wow with it (in my purple velour tracksuit of course!).

Pics or you're wearing evening wear.


Here you go:

... Cute aren't I   :-*



Quote from: raulduke on November 08, 2012, 05:16:02 PM
Here you go:

... Cute aren't I   :-*


You look NOTHING like your avatar.

I was promised David Bowie in a track suit. (Which era would that be, hypothetically?)


Would that be what Bowie lounged around the set of Dark Crystal in?  :D

Wow, you are making me want to try this--I hadn't thought of this as something that would fit "my" sound (if that exists), but it looks like loads of fun. And I love the teal translucent as a backdrop for the fishies!