Author Topic: Fatpants v2 - J201 issue?  (Read 627 times)


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Fatpants v2 - J201 issue?
« on: December 13, 2012, 05:39:56 PM »
So, i built a v2 fatpants about 18 months ago and it sounds amazing, just to make a strat sound fatter and 'nicer'..

I've built a coouple more, but they ahev never sounded quite the same as mine in a A/B test..

basically i'm not sure where the original j201 i used in mine came from, and the new ones i have (two different sorts) just don't sound the same, now i have around around 70 maybe, so i can be really picky with them.

so, my question is, what do i test for?

or do i do it as if i'm matching them for a pedal etc..

This is something I am a bit new to as i haven't delved that far in to the transistor realm yet!

Thanks Guys :)

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