Author Topic: Newb, zygote question re: resistor biasing  (Read 1217 times)


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Newb, zygote question re: resistor biasing
« on: December 30, 2012, 11:46:30 AM »
I'm preparing to spawn a zygote.  :o

I've received all the parts, including a matched pair of PNP trannies from the bear.

The transistors came with the resistors to bias them, so here are my basic questions:

1) Which resistors do these biasing resistors replace in the zygote circuit? (I tried looking at the schematic, but my skills are rudimentary, and I want to be correct)

2) If one of these resistors replaces the trimpot, do I simply put that resistor into the 1 & 3 holes for the trimmer?

Thanks for any illumination. Happy New Year to all!!!