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Deadringer problems

Started by 2tonewarrior, September 01, 2012, 12:32:56 AM

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Quote from: 2tonewarrior on September 03, 2012, 05:57:30 PM
I´ve checked the pots with the DMM and that was exactly the problem, a copper bridge I overlooked between 2 pads of the gain pot. I´ve checked all the board another time just in case.

Cool.  Glad you got that working!

Quote from: 2tonewarrior on September 03, 2012, 05:57:30 PM
I´ve encountered other minor problems. When the On-on-on switch is in the Vintage (Mosfet/silicon) the volume decreases. And I´m having the same issue with the boost (increases the volume a lot). Anyway the sound is good, only I have to pay more attention to the controls. I´m going to consider it done and going for another project. When I have time I come back to it and possibly etch a new PCB, I think most of this problems are caused by a bad etch.

The Boost should increase the volume (and the distortion) quite a bit  (especially since you used a 250K Gain pot).  And I agree with nzCdog about the volume change on the different clipping diodes.  That's typical.


I expected the boost to change the volume but in this case and in my opinion, the volume changes too much. Could be only myself and not a circuit problem. So if you two agree on the clipping I´m sure it´s working right. I´ll wait for nzCdog to compare voltages and verify.



Anyone with a working one able to post the voltages?

I've built one and it's not working either :(