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Nautilus in a wah ensloure....

Started by BraindeadAudio, January 11, 2013, 02:09:00 AM

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How do you think that would work? Ive had the idea of using the Sweep pot as foot controlled, with all the switches and pots wired to be external controls?


For me it wouldn't seem that useful. I try to put my envelope filters right after the guitar or volume pedal. Seems more expressive that way, for me at least. After compression seemed to tighten the sound a bit which I don't like with an amp at its sweet spot and doing that some already.
Many years ago I remember seeing a rocking type pedal that had this arm contraption that would turn a knob as you rocked the pedal. There a hour gone tomorrow on google.
It would be cool to have one of those to try it with lots of different pedals.
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Ive seen this done in the link brian provides on the nautilus project page, but i cant remember what the foot pedal controlls.  Its a page about the mutron iii and there's a pic about halfway down the page.  I could see using the sweep or the peak function as a foot pedal.  Not sure which would be best.  Actually, the gain would kinda be cool also.  Maybe i'll make a giant one with three footpedals on it. 8)


i threw speaker jacks on a junk wah just for screwing around with builds on the bboard
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Yea I was wondering how it would work...I work at a synth shop and have acess to a bunch of legit MUTRON stuff and that Bi phase is what made me think of doing this.


Trevor Rabin of YES used some crazy ass thing on the Big Generator tour
it moved around like the controls on a troling motor. it looked like a wah with wah motion but also had left/right motion. he was panning sound all over the place. only concert where i felt like i was penetrated by sound. he would lay a chord down in the rear left of the stadium and rip it across to the front right, then slam it back to the left side and shoot it back to the rear again. really great musician, to bad hes so hard to get along with. guess thats why most of his work is solo
Not enough germaniums in this world to complete my wish list !