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L7812 to power FCV100?

Started by crashguitar, February 22, 2013, 02:46:55 PM

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OK, I use a Behringer FCV100 volume pedal. I would like to power it with an adapter instead of batteries. For some reason, it will run on a 9v battery but needs a 12v power supply.
So my noobish question is: can I make a charge pump using a L7812 and power it with a regular 9v power supply?
Looking at the data sheet for the L7812 (, fig. 4 application), I think I take 9v in with a .33uF cap to ground in parallel with the input and a .1uf cap to ground with the output and then get 12v out. Am I understanding this correctly?



Or could I use the 7812 in place of the 7815 in the Road Rage and get 12v out?