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New Tayda Discount Code good through Apr. 1

Started by bigmufffuzzwizz, March 28, 2013, 05:41:59 PM

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Just posted another one, great timing..

15% Discount Coupon Code : 666777
Valid till 1 April 2013 ( 6pm New York time )
**Please make sure to apply discount coupon during checkout, we can't apply it manually after checkout is completed.
Happy Shopping!
Thank you for choosing us.

I wish they would update some of the new pedal parts they said they have.
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I made an order on their website earlier but decided not to go through with it when at the payment screen. Must be a coincidence to make me do it tonight!

Cheers for the code :)

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I play Guitar, and Build Stuff..


Pedal building is like the opposite of sex.  All the fun stuff happens before you get in the box.


I literally ordered one hour before I saw it on Facebook. Doh
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Not again. Checked right before I ordered on Monday night. Nothing. If I keep shooting myself in the foot, I won't be able to stomp.

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one louder.



Finally a time where I heard about this before I put in an order. Time to stock up.


Quote from: jimilee on March 28, 2013, 06:50:15 PM
Beat me to it!

You can't win them all jimi :)

Glad I will get some discount this time :) i missed it last time by a few hours  :(


I swear this always happens to me.I wait for a code and it takes so long so I make an order and one or two days later a code comes out.
I'm sorry sir, we only have the regular ohms


yes! just when I made my mind on doin' a couple of builds. - thoughts on some pedals I made - sounds and jams