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Dunwich Amps Wizard Fuzz

Started by bigmufffuzzwizz, May 01, 2013, 07:01:00 PM

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Howdy all! Not many build reports from me as I'm constantly assembling the same pedal but here's a new one. This was designed by another individual who goes by the moniker of Dunwich Amplification. This was the first pcb prototype of this circuit (there's a few on a turret version) and I got the honor to build it as I'm gonna be assembling all his pedals done on pcbs. Needed a bit of tweaking as design was changed but now it's dooming hard.
Circuit is 6 stacked gain stages with a 12 position FAC knob (ala orange amps) and baxandall EQ section. Just got this thing sounding how I want last night...really smooth even fuzz sound yet raw and extremely gainy. FAC knob gives a nice range of depth and affects gain, values from 100pf up to 1uf. Still gets overly bassy with bass knob full but finally got unit to stop blocking.
Box is 1590DD, etch done by Handsome Beard Etching.

And the goods

Soundclips are of the turret version, I don't have good sound recording ablities.
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so proud!!!!! :'( *tearofjoy

haha just busting on ya. Looks good


Looks great!   Very tidy wiring and I love the etch too.

You probably already thought about this...but if you are going into production I suggest you would benefit greatly by putting the caps on either the main PCB or on a breakout PCB that is mounted to the rotary.  Then you can put Molex on everything including the pots and a molex connector from the rotary breakout PCB to the main. 

Another even cooler idea would be having everything mounted to a main PCB.  This would be the shiznit for speed of assembly however your sq in board cost would rise slightly.  With the extra board space needed for the rotary you would likely have much room for all the caps.  It would be totally bad ass to have everything PCB mounted and you could crank out tons of these with minimal soldering.

Just my .00000002 cents!

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Top notch. I love the cap switch.. looks awesome.


Love that rotary cap selection wiring... the guts look as artistic as the outside!
Excellent build and tones  8)


the layout is awesome, and the cap selector looks just like a fair ride...i dig it.


Wow! That is really cool!
Love the etch, the rotary switching, the demo sounds amazing.


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OH Mr Spiegel! Color me impressed in Magic!  8)
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That wiring (and the cap switch!) is killing me in the best possible way.


Seriously awesome man!

Any reason for the 1590DD?
Or just because? :D
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Thanks everyone for the kind words! I did try my best to as clean as possible on this one. Cap switch was a fun new experience! Works so well..

Quote from: MattOcaster on May 03, 2013, 12:24:47 AM
Any reason for the 1590DD?
Or just because? :D

Because it's awesome that way  :)
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