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madbeanpedals is dedicated to bringing top-notched DIY pedal projects to all levels of stompbox builders. Beginning in 2010, madbeanpedals has delivered nearly one hundred different DIY projects spanning all types effects from distortion, filters, modulators, delays, octavers and much more. The site is supported by the sale of PCB products for these projects. These are professionally manufactured with two-layers, solder mask, silk screen and designed to make the building process as easy and painless as possible. Most project documents also include single-sided, etchable artwork in them if you prefer to do your own hand-made PCB. You can find the current offerings on the Projects page.

The heart of the website is the Forum which allows all builders an opportunity to interact, share ideas, receive technical assistance and be informed about upcoming releases. Registration is free and your personal information is not shared in any form with any outside party.


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