Project Doc Based Upon / Compares To Level Pre-Order
Pre-Orders will ship July 3rd - July 6th. Limit of (2) boards each per project. If you order any in-stock boards, they will be shipped at the same time. If you need in-stock boards sooner, please place a separate order for them.
Aquaboy Deluxe Deluxe DM-2 with Modulation - 2015 update zeus $14
FreekOut Frequency Analyzer (TM) cowboy $13

Phaser-Delay-Overdrive Multi-effect

zeus $19
Lowrider 2015 Ocatver cowboy $14
Moodring Reverb cowboy $12
Rust Bucket Attack Decay (TM) genius $17 Sold Out
Zero Point SDX2 Deluxe PT2399 delay genius $15
Dirtbag DX 3 Cancelled :( See thread ->      
baby Project Doc Based Upon / Compares To Level    
Download the Baby Board Build Guide (2.3MB pdf)
Afterlife afterlife Optical Compressor cowboy $7 August
Bacon Bits bacon Op-Amp Booster cowboy $6
Bloviator bloviator Filter / Maximizer cowboy $7
Cupcake cupcake Orange Squeezer (TM) cowboy $7
EggHead egghead Gainster (TM) cowboy $7
Hipster hipster Silicon Fuzz Face cowboy $7
Runt runt Rat (TM) cowboy $7
Smoothie smoothie Phase45 (TM) cowboy $7
Zero Point Micro II zpm2 PT2399 Delay cowboy $9 Sold Out
Baby Boards are projects designed specifically for the 1590A enclosure
fuzz Project Doc Based Upon / Compares to Level      
Bumblebee bumblebee Baldwin Burns Buzzaround (TM) n00b   July
Cherrybomb cherrybomb Colorsound Overdriver (TM) cowboy $9
Mangler mangler Vintage Fuzz Face (TM) n00b $9
Pastyface pasty Germanium tonebender n00b $9
RangeMaster rangemaster Treble booster n00b $9
Tonebender tonebender Silicon tonebender n00b $8
delay Project Doc Based Upon / Compares To Level    
Dirtbaby dirtbaby PT2399 version of the DMM genius $12
SparkleHorn sparklehorn Overdrive/Delay combo cowboy $12
Zero Point DD zpdd Double delay (2x PT2399) No modulation. cowboy $10 August
Zero Point Mini zpmini PT2399 w/ modulation 1590B cowboy $10 Sold Out
distOD Project Doc Based Upon / Compares To Level    
8Ball 8ball Blues Breaker (TM) cowboy $9
Chunk Chunk chunkchunk Dr. Boogie cowboy $12 August
  Danger Zone zone Mosfet-based distortion cowboy $10
  Deadringer II deadringer2 Dual Channel OD/Boost cowboy $13 Sold Out
  Flabulanche flab Overdrive/Compressor cowboy $9
  Green Bean greenBean Tube Screamer (TM) cowboy $9 July
  Kingslayer II kingslayer2 NotAKlone cowboy $11 August
  Mudbunny mudbunny Big Muff (TM) cowboy $9 July
  Pig Butt pigbutt Op-Amp Muff cowboy $9
  Slow Loris slowloris Rat (TM) cowboy $9
  Sparkplug spark Barber-inspired cowboy $9
  Sunking II sunking2 AKlone cowboy $13 August
filter Project Doc Based Upon / Compares to Level    
Collosalus collosalus MXR 117 (TM) - MN3007 genius $14
Current Lover currentlvr Electric Mistress (TM) - MN3007/MN3207 genius   August
  Harbinger One hbone Univibe (TM) genius $14 July
  HoneyDripper honey Dipthonizer (TM) genius $12 July
  KarateShop karate Systech Harmonic Energizer (TM) cowboy $9
  Kraken kraken Mutron Micro V (TM) cowboy $9
  Naughty Fish naughtyfish Mutron III (TM) in a 1590B genius $11 July
  NomNom nomnom Phase 90 (TM) cowboy $9
  Pork Barrel porkBarrel Classic CE-2 (TM) cowboy $10 July
  Sharkfin sharkfin Filter, Sample and Hold genius $13
  Stage Fright stageFright OTA Phaser genius $12 August
  Weener Wah II ww2 Wah Wah cowboy $11
oct Project Doc   Based Upon / Compares to Level      
Retrograde retrograde Octavia (Fuzz+Octave) cowboy $9
Wolfshirt wolf Foxx Tone Machine (TM) cowboy $9
other Project Doc   Based Upon / Compares to Level      
Road Rage roadrage

Bipolar Supply / Charge Pump

n00b $4 July
Two (2) PCBs now included!


3PRR Road Rage + Bypass Switching n00b   August
Two utilities on one PCB


What is included with an order? Standardized wiring diagram
The price you pay is for the PCB only. For parts sourcing, please visit the Links tab where several inexpensive and well-known DIY suppliers are listed. Discontinued Projects Link
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All orders are processed via Paypal. General / technical questions about projects Be sure to visit the Forum, where you can post your questions and get a speedy reply. Membership is free!
If you don't see a project listed on this page anywhere, it is because it has been discontinued and I no longer offer PCBs for it. Please visit the discontinued projects area of the forum for older project documents.
Other Projects In Developement
    Trendwhore Tap Tremolo    
    Dig Dug 2 Sequencer    
    Quadrovibe II Trem/Vibe    
    Harbinger II Univbe in a Wah    
    Ploymorphous Transmogrifier Polyphase (TM)    
    Dirtbuddy Overdrive    
    Hot Toddy Surf Rock    
    Man O War AD-99    
    Woodhouse Acoustic Simulator    
    Rabbit Punch Active ABY switcher    
    Cult Vibe Tube Univibe    
    Cave Troll PT2399 Tap Tempo    
    Cave Dweller replacing with ver.2    
    Double Flush replaced with Trendwhore    
    FatPants replacing with Jr. version    
    LowRider replacing with 2015 version    
    Nautilus replaced with Naughty Fish    
    Zero Point Micro replaced w/ ver.2    
    Zero Point SDX replacing with ver.2    
    Kingslayer replaced with ver.2    
    Older discontinued projects can be found here:    
    Discontinued Projects Link    
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