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General Questions / Devi Ever Year of the Rat?
« on: February 09, 2015, 12:45:26 PM »
Has anyone built this circuit? I have a friend that is requesting one in a box along with the Ruiner. I found the PDF that lsit most of the Devi circuits and got the Ruiner working jsut fine, including a toggle to take it down to a single dark boost. Where I am stuck is on the Year of the Rat circuit.

The pdf is here:

Page 4 shows the circuit for the Soda Mesier which is related to the Rat circuit. It says to put a 1K in R7 and a 104 in C7, but the schematic shows neither of those positions.

Looking at the PCB on the enxt page they are shown. I asked around and someone said the PCB is double sided, so I am not sure where to put the two missing pieces of the puzzle.

If anyone knows anything about this circuit, I would greatly appreciate some help.



Open Discussion / DIY Vox VFS2A switch help
« on: November 06, 2014, 03:52:35 PM »

I jsut bought a Vox Nightrain G2 combo amp and am planning a footswitch build for it.

Here is a diagram I found for it:

I am building this is a 1590A and would like to add a feature that I am not sure how to wire.

The amp has two channels that will be switchable by footswitch one. There is an LED that indicates that the switch has been engaged. What I would like to do is use a bicolor LED to show green when the switch is not engaged and red when engaged. I have the extra position on the switch for this, but I do not understand how to do this without closing the circuit...It appears that closing the circuit is what changes the channel on the amp. Is there a way to engaged the green side of the LED without closing the circuit? Maybe a transistor in the circuit? I am a newb when it comes to this and I appreciate any help that you guys can give me.


Tech Help - Projects Page / Cherrybomb help...trailing sizzle noise
« on: August 11, 2014, 09:02:08 PM »
Hi there. I am kind of new to building pedals and the Cherrybomb was my almost my first Madbean build and now trying to complete my second attempt at my first.

If any one could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. I am at wits end with this build.

So, I bought a Cherrybomb board and populated it, got it all wired up and connected to my test board and it sounded great, except for this trailing kind of static/sizzle noise at the end of notes. It seemed to happen more so on some notes than others. I started swapping parts out thinking I must have something wrong...I ended up lifting a couple of traces and decided to start fresh with a new board.

I ordered the board and it arrive. I populated it with a total different set of components... the only thins I tried to use were the transistors.

I am having the same sizzle sound and this time it is worse than before.

I have tried all of the BC109 and other compatible trannies I have and all get the same result, that leads me to believe it is not my transistors causing the problem.

I read somewhere that the ceramic cap could possible be related and I saw that another layout for the circuit showed a 500pf, so I swapped in a 470pf that I had on hand. The problem still exist.

On my first build I ended up swapping out R6 and R13 for 2.2K instead of the stock 1.8K. The swap I made lowered the collector for Q2 and Q3 to around 5v, they had been almost 6 before.

On the current board I socketed those two transistors and currently have the 2.2k in the sockets.

My current transistors readings are:

Q1: BC169
E: .46
B: 1.01
C: 1.68

Q2: BC109B (I had another BC169 here and from all the putting in and out, one of the legs broke off) :(
E: 1.03
B: 1.67
C: 4.7

Q3: BC183
E: .92
B: 1.55
C: 5.1

Like I said, it sounds great, but that trailing noise makes it unusable. :(

Here are some shots of the board....I had to break the bottom shots into sections because I piggy backed my pots on the back with short leads.

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