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General Questions / AION Blueshift Headroom
January 06, 2024, 02:19:52 PM
Hi all,

Happy new year!

I built a Blueshift over the holidays from a kit. I like the modulation a lot actually, sounds great. But I'm running into a headroom issue: when I dig in it clips.

I've made a recording with my mobile. It's not a good recording, sorry for that. I don't have a microphone. And also my amp isn't 100% clean either (Marshall), so it may sound like there's clipping with or without Blueshift engaged.

But when I connect headphones to the Blueshift's output I can hear no clipping when it's in bypass, but it's audible when it's switched on.

I've read on the internet already a couple of times that the Dimension C had some headroom issues. But not owning the original I don't have a possibility for an A/B comparison, sadly. So I'm not sure if my Blueshift works as expected or if there's a problem that can be fixed somehow.

My guitar from the recording is an Epi 1958 Explorer (2022/23 model) with stock Gibson Burstbucker pickups. So not particularly hot pickups I'd imagine, but humbuckers nonetheless. In the recording I used the bridge pickup. With the neck pickup the clipping is less. I have also a Dean 79 ML (Korea) with stock pickups. They are hotter in my opinion, which makes the Blueshift clipping worse.

I also have an Aion Azure (like a CE-2), where I used the same 3207 BBD I have in the Blueshift and that doesn't clip. I biased both pedals with the same scope.

I used the opamps suggested in the build doc, OPA2134, TL072 and TL022. I also replaced the OPAs with TL072s I had, but no difference.

Sorry for the long text, but it's driving me nuts a little bit, because I like the modulation a lot so I really want to use the Blueshift, but the clipping is a turnoff.

I read here on the forum that R9 influences the volume, so maybe I try changing the resistor to see if that helps.

Can anybody with a Blueshift tell me if their pedal is also not doing so great in the headroom department?

Kind regards,