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Open Discussion / Schematic generation and AI
January 12, 2024, 06:07:02 PM
During the zoom meeting, I mentioned about AI generation or schematic capture. Now I recalled what the website/ service. Check it out

Let me know what you guys think about it

Open Discussion / 2023 has been great and I'm thankful
December 27, 2023, 09:03:58 PM
As the title said, many things have happened in 2023 so far and I'm looking forward to 2024.

There are five or six events that I'm grateful for in 2023:

1. Dann Huff Rack Restoration Journey
I had a good time, networking, and creating many new friends because of this project.

2. NAMM 2023 and some factory tours, plus new guitars
I had to sell some high-end Ibanez to fund my James Tyler builds. They are both amazing guitars. I know some of you might not like the headstock but as I grow wiser and play more, I need something more versatile than just an Ibanez (shred guitar)

Closer to the end of this year, I did get a chance to do a Taylor Guitars semi-private tour.

3. I made my first custom build amp sale and continue to repair, design, and build amps
Tube amp still exists folks. Though, I do play and enjoy modeler. But yes, I made my first sale of an amp building in 2023. Got my first customer and delivered it. The customer was happy with the service and I will continue to do some exciting stuffs like mods, repairs, and so on for 2024.

4. I met my childhood or teenage guitar heroes
I haven't had a chance to meet with Vai yet but for sure it has been scheduled for 2024 so I'm excited about it. In 2023 I had a chance to meet Reb Beach, shake his hands, and sign my guitar. I met a bunch and networked with many Nashville session players. They are great players as well and I learned a lot from them. I met and developed a great relationship with Thomas Nordegg which is very cool. A closer relationship with Ron RJM as well. Did network with Joe Glaser, and asked him a lot about tooling and how to do his B Bender style modification.

5. I got a new pedalboard
Closer to the end of this year, I did complete my 2024 pedalboard and it is massive

I was lucky enough and able to help Mike Nielsen restore his TC1210

That's it, folks. I'm looking forward to 2024 and I think I want to make more music
Quick question, I like how spackler sounds but here's the caveats

1. It used B50k. I mean yes, I understand it needs to be linear to control the boost. My question here is how can I implement it with A500k linear pot? What values should I change on the PCB?

2. I want to use it in my strat and use 9V. You know, just like Demeter mid boost for James Tyler however I want to use it with push pull potentiometer and in this case I need to be able to use it with A500k since I'll use humbucker to control the tone as well with the mid boost. I know it's mouthful but the idea here is when I pull the knob, the A500k will work as the control pot for the Spackler but when I push it, the knob will work just simple as tone control for strat.

It will use A500k DPDT potentiometer and I had figured out the wiring scheme so it's not problem.

To my knowledge, it sounds like simple to figure. Mainly, if I know how to make it work with A500k, instead of B50k then the problem will be solved. I tried to do the pull down resistor technique (a resistor in parallel between lug 3 and 1 to bring down the value) but the issue is with the taper pot. The curve wouldn't smoothen out the mid boost and will jump out at the end.

What could possibly be the solution to this problem?

As the title says, does Anyone have it? I want to get some inspiration; especially their vomit or shmear finish.

I also want to know your opinion about the guitar. The good, the bad, the schmo, and bring back the 80's tone

General Questions / ADA MP-1? Any users?
May 15, 2023, 10:59:36 PM
As the title says, ADA MP-1. Tell me about the great, the bad, the good, and the ugly of the unit. Share your experience.

The price of this unit is crazy nuts on Reverb. Some units I've seen listed for $700+

As the title said.

I need help to get some inspiration on Pedal Steel or Lap Steel Guitar. The good, the bad, the love and hate, famous player to get inspired, and the list go on. I'm digging country now and really love how it sounds. Purely magical in some country and rock licks that I've never done exploring it. I'm trying to get out from my comfort zone and learn this beautiful instrument.

Alright folks, let's go!
I have been itched to get hands on That 80 Rack Chorus. I'm currently working on learning the design behind it with a hope to recreate it or even design a better one. I need some help on figuring out the block diagram of the Fulltone TERC to start. Here are some pictures of TERC that I have pulled out. It sounds instant Landau/Huff/Lukather for sure. Also, it is based on TSC-618 or CS-5 Songbird Dytronics which is a legendary unit.

It looks like there are some Op amps and BBD ICs. Three BBD for sure with share intensity/speed. The chorus part I think something can be tweaked with proper calibration like flanger. Also, there's VU meter to show the output levels L/R. The input can be instrument or line. It looks like if it's line instrument then it goes to buffer.

If anyone can chime in the idea of building great TSC then I would appreciate the help
MBP folks,

I'm in the process repairing old MIDI switching. I came across one switch that needs to be replaced. I know the logic is SPDT but I can't find the part number or even where to source it.

Here are some pictures for the switch.

One of the connection is normally closed and when the switch is pressed, it'll be normally open. I believe it's the logic/trigger for MIDI microcontroller.
It's heavy duty switch and similar to the VFE Carling switch 110 type I've gone to Carling and sent them email as well with the pictures but I'm thinking someone here might have better answer.

If you have some ideas/clues about the switch, then thank you for sharing.
Open Discussion / Dan Huff’s Rack Gear
November 01, 2022, 05:03:49 AM

I finished the whole rack restoration. It was a fun project. Made new friends and reconnected with lot of friends. It was a great journey

As the title said, recently I acquired a historic musical piece. Yes, it's one of Dan Huff's Giant rack system. It's all started by this video below;

Luckily, I was the highest bidder and Brandon was kind enough to coordinate being the items back to San Diego. Then I ended up in Nashville last week and packed, shipped, brought the items back.

For reference, it's the same rack that he has been using over the years since 80s/90s. That instructional video has been inspiration for me since I was teenager.

Packed the items and ready to sent it out. I also flew back with some rack items. I didn't drive all the way from San Diego to Nashville. I flew and shipped the item to home.

Rented the truck just to haul the racks away from the studio. I picked it up at Castle Rock Studio. It is the studio that Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Madonna, and many artists to make records. Pretty cool studio and I did quick tour to see the equipments.

I thought it might be a good ideas to write something down while I plan to create a YouTube journal. It's all in work. Let's start with some pictures of repair that I've been going through.

First one is Mesa Boogie Strategy 400

Retubes due to keep blowing fuses. Checked the grid screen resistors and all are in good condition.

One of the cap 22uF is burned so I replaced that as well with higher voltage rating

Checked voltages for the filter caps and all are in good condition; surprisingly. I also changed the power cable due the old one was bad.

Next one is peavey valve verb. It doesn't give output. Trying to replace the filter caps and I'm suspecting the output tubes have gone bad. I don't have 12AT7 handy but it's in order. Same with filter caps. Hopefully, it will work after that. Need to do more diagnosis on this unit.

Mesa studio preamp. Surprisingly, this unit is still good running condition. Only I had to change the tubes. Though it does have some serious hum and I assume it might come from the ground lift. Still investigating but pretty positive that this unit will work just fine.

Korg wave station. The only problem was the battery and that's all I had to change. Everything else works perfect. The rack connects to MIDI controller/keys and it does have amazing preset like in 80s synth. Great addition collection for my synth 80s rack.

Rocktron RSB set. All works and got all the callings the main processor/rack system requires XLR 6 pins replacement. I ordered it and everything else looks good. It has some Dan old patches like rhythm, lush chorus, etc. pretty cool unit. The case was rusted and might need new hinges. Pulled the hinges over the weekend and looking to replace it soon.

Here are the units all stacked. Missing the Boogie Strategy 400 but overall these are the units that left out. I'm getting SPX 90 II and still hunting for H3000/ TC2290. I can't get Kasha Rockmod and plan to just DIY it at some point. If I have time and bandwidth, then I'll do single channel preamp for crystal clean like Fenderish/ Peavey classic add to this project.

SDE 330 Space Echo. Concentric pot is broken and ordered replacement from smallbear. 3D printed the knobs. Apparently this unit can be converted to SRV330. The unit has Dan favorite delay patch before he goes all in with flashback delay.

The power button SDE 330 also needs repair. Ordered replacement from syntaur and possibly recap the power supply.
Open Discussion / Laser engraver for rack panel
December 13, 2021, 04:50:09 AM
As the title said, I need recommendation for laser engraver or etcher or any kind of method to label rack panel. Please educate or enlighten me with your insight.

I did with water slide but I don't like how it looks. It doesn't look solid or professional. Most of rack front plate color is black and really hard to print white on white for water slide. I'm exploring my journey and planning to purchase an etcher, perhaps spend around $500 for the right tool but we will see
Open Discussion / Small bear retiring
September 22, 2021, 07:58:42 PM
As the title says... who's going to continue the journey?
Open Discussion / NAD: Bogner Duende
October 15, 2019, 04:36:10 PM
So, I just got this amp. Honestly, I really dig in the clean channel. The dirt channel it's kind a maybe. Great amp. I got it less $900. What do you guys think? Did I get a steal? I saw the latest listing on Reverb - USED for $1400 (with shipping, exclude tax). The reason I can get it at this price because the Standby/Play Light doesn't work. I have ordered the bulb replacement and see whether it's going to work. Other than that, the amp is working. Both channels are nicely done and comes with footswitch.


Sorry I've been out for a long time. First of all, I apologize for folks who I haven't got a chance to reply. I'll try to reply all the email and messages from all of you! Thank you for your patience.

In the mean time, I want to share what I've been doing. So, numero uno, after a long time, blood, sweat and tears over 10 years, me and family had a chance to took long vacation (2 months). We spent time in Asia, Southeast Asia especially to enjoy different taste of food and perhaps having a plan for early retirement somewhere there in the future.

It was fun! However, I want to highlight my findings. I came to Indonesia just specifically to grabbed over my old equipment like TC G Major, BBE, Roland rack system, Mesa Rectifier, and three Ibanez guitars.

I was aiming to find out one of the greatest finding which is ADA MP-1 Classic. Yes! It's the classic, not just regular MP-1. It had multiple issues like Error 1 and 7 which the SRAM not able to loading and saving the presets, tube board issues, and low pass filter issues.

However, if you guys followed my Instagram, you can see that I've already solved the issue. Number 1 I solved it by changing the battery holder (CR2032) and replacing one of the resistor for the tube board at 180k rating. Also, I did change the transformer since originally it was 230V European plug.

Now, the MP-1 Classic works nicely and it's amazing. I did a throwback Tuesday with my trio and we played at small venue for 10 songs! All 80's and you name it. From Dokken to ZZ Top, we nailed it that night.

I think that's for now. The Ibanez story is coming up next! Stay tuned!
Recently, I just bought an used EBMM JP6 all rosewood neck limited run on Reverb. I have been dreaming for this guitar a while.  I just received the item and played through it. It's a fantastic and beautiful guitar at the same time. Another level of guitar per what I can say. FYI, this is my first EBMM.

Here comes the story. I bought this used on Reverb for quite sum of money. The 2nd most expensive I spent on Reverb after IIC+, but for guitar is the first. I notice there are two straight lines on the paint. I remember it happened with my Ibanez RG550 and RG570 while I lived in Florida. I asked local tech and he mentioned those are witness lines. Now, I am curious because the EBMM costs more than just regular Ibanez.

So, on the body there are no cracks, chips, or defective. All electronics work perfect, neck is perfectly straight. However, if I try to put the body under the light, I can see there are slight two straight lines on the top of control switches (3 way switches) and under upper 3 way Piezo switches.

Spoke with EBMM and they noticed the issue. It's a shrinking and humidity issue. The neck also suffers for sprout. Feels edgy and a bit sharp on the bottom. Two problems on the guitar but one main issue. The witness lines and fret sprouts are the problem because of the shrinking/ incorrect temperature change. FYI, this guitar came from Tucson, Arizona.

Right now, I am humidifying the guitar over two nights and see how it will go. Also, I ordered humidipack Planet Waves Restoration and will try that out. I really hate to dress the neck since it's all rosewood neck and EBMM doesn't make new run even won't make it in the future because John Petrucci (JP) doesn't quite feel the neck. It's very unique guitar and been really pain to see it ruined.

I'd rather to bring it back naturally rather than bring it to the tech and file the fret. Now for the witness lines, MBPers have you experienced something like this? How do you resolve it? Don't tell me, you just need to live with it. I want to ask y'all opinion, rants, thoughts, experiences within similar issues.

Open Discussion / The D-Type Preamp Pedal
June 11, 2019, 05:57:34 PM
Anyone here heard about D Type Preamp pedal from Malin Amp? Made in Arizona.

Personal opinion, I think it's great small preamp, however it costs $799. I was shocked looking the price tag just for preamp point to point. Is there any DIY project similar to this? Or I just can look over Dumble Preamp schematic and turn it as a pedal?

What do you guys think?

I want to ask a real question that I can't answer myself. So here's the story. 7 years ago, I left my home and dumped some gears to my mom storage. Most of them are Preamp, rack units, guitars, tube amps, etc. Fast forward today, my mom told me if we can donate the big box case inside the storage because it starts take a place.

I asked her to open the box and found a Dual Rectifier 220V version since we used to live in Asia. Now, I'm tempted to turn it back on and have the Dual recti back.

My question is, that Dual Recti hasn't been turned on for past 7 years or even been played. Is it safe if I put to standby 220V to rejuvenate the Elco caps? Specifically the power cap and might be tube rectifier? Or shall I need a variac to turn this on?

What do you guys think? I do really need some help and suggestion to bring this baby on.
Open Discussion / NAD: Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+
March 27, 2019, 05:26:59 AM
I blame CJ for this lol!!! Poor Man Dumble!

VFE Projects / VFE Bumblebee
March 03, 2019, 05:03:56 AM
Finally, got the Bumblebee boxed. This pedal rocks! I'm building one more for my buddy. The artwork is being done with transfer paper SunnyScopa Type B Film Free.

VFE Projects / VFE Woodchipper
February 26, 2019, 04:56:09 PM
I feel like this has been long overdue to me. Here you go! My tribute to Woodchipper. SP66 Triad Transformer is the most expensive part. The clean blend works really nice with the pedal. Fuzz works like a volume/gain control and obviously gain is a gain control.

VFE Projects / VFE Old School R2D2
February 20, 2019, 08:28:12 PM
It's an Old School VFE Pedal Tremolo.

There are two builds so far.

Powder coated White 1590B Enclosure with water slide R2D2 I created

Both left and right are using waterslide technique with Polyurethane finish

Final Assembly looks like

Inside for the first build

Second build

Inside of the second build