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General Questions / Is R1 needed for Aquaboy 2016
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:55:40 AM »
I built the Aquaboy 2016 and it work well but I had another board so I decided to build the aquapuss , while biasing the pedal it was quiet but I could hear oscillation etc it was very low output though there is no sound in bypass ,eventually I got loud hum coming from the pedal,if I bridge pin 3-4 of the op amp I do get delayed single ,I checked the resistor values and found r1 had no reading so I replaced it still no luck ,can I check the pedal with just the jack that would mean desoldering the 3dpt , i think the pads for the switching may be bad a bridge under the  silk screen I have checked for bridging and the IC readings are good ,dont want to bin it yet.I take it this is buffered bypass.

Hi there I finished  my harbinger pedal and it really sounds nice only problem is when I switch to modern mode I get vibrato not chorus , the c/v switch works normally , I have the 2013 board can anyone help.

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