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Build Reports / Re: Double Fraudhacker build
May 28, 2024, 02:25:50 PM
Amazing looking builds mate, and you're spot on about the HF sounding hifi, love the shootout.

Someone send that video to Xvive as justification for remaking the chips, stat!
Build Reports / Re: Lectric-fx Fat 32-Boss FT-2
January 03, 2024, 10:27:09 AM
Those guts are crazy clean and I'm digging the artwork. Reminds me of Max Headroom ;D
Open Discussion / Re: Who's playing Baritone guitar?
December 23, 2023, 11:15:58 AM
Howdy and welcome back!

The only circuit I know specifically was aimed at down tuned/baritone guitars is the DOD Digitech Boneshaker, so much so that some standard tuning users didn't like it. There's no PCB I know of but there's a vero layout if you're not fearful of offboard wiring -
Open Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Brian
December 13, 2023, 07:06:11 PM
Happy Birthday Brian  :)
Build Reports / Re: Lectric-fx Panacea-Boss PN-2
December 11, 2023, 04:30:03 PM
Stellar work as ever - guts and those pcbs look amazing. One of my favourite pedal demos!
Build Reports / Re: Custom Aquaboy + Boost
December 10, 2023, 10:49:49 PM
Amazing looking build in and out! Love the graphics, the white finishes it perfectly.

Getting into a band in a big way post teenage years is such a pure pleasure, it's so cool you got to make a pedal for the dude!
Build Reports / Re: CE-3
December 10, 2023, 08:21:49 AM
Thanks guys! Weirdly enough the knobs were done before the pedal a year or two back, I just don't like throwing stuff away if it could be useful - they're rattle can overspray and the pedal is alcohol inks under a decal.

@Bio77 this is from the original marketing thingy I think - "The CE-3 is an analogue stereo chorus pedal, offering stereo in two modes; a WET A / DRY B, and a WET A / WET B (phase inverted signal)." I did the PCB, I thought I could cut out a lot of the circuit but had to keep adding jfets back in cause of stereo until eventually realised I shoulda just done a 1:1 clone  ;D

Build Reports / CE-3
December 10, 2023, 01:25:12 AM
A project bourne of needing to do away with Boss' cumbersome form factor, add an unnecessary bunch of parts and ultimately admit that they might, just might know what they're doing over there in Boss HQ however many years ago. The factory schematic has the LFO go really slowly at full tilt so drop that 1M in the LFO down to 470k as I found over on a FSB thread and you're golden.

I am grateful as this pedal showed me the stereo light, I never want to hear mono ever again. Even phone calls, if they're not ringing off two phones at the same time, I won't answer.

Huge thanks to thewintersoldier for hanging in there with my dumbass questions.

Marshall MS2 but I hate that thing. I'm just waiting to see what wins out - my cheap nature not wanting to buy a better test amp or me booting this thing out a window.
Build Reports / Re: Aion Tachyon-BOSS SD-2 lead mode
September 05, 2023, 06:05:31 PM
Stunning build! Like you say it sounds killer and I had no idea. Thanks for bringing these forgotten gems to more ears, I think Boss' design philosophy has brought them the biggest brand recognition going at the expense of some of their shit flying so far until the radar that it's at home with the mole people.

Or I'm just an uneducated idiot  ;D
Open Discussion / Re: A need for more chorus pedals
September 01, 2023, 10:54:12 PM
That proto layouts a beauty!
Build Reports / Re: P.O.W.-Boss Power Driver
June 20, 2023, 10:53:31 AM
Always find them helpful and enjoyable. Like random paragraphs in a build doc it's always a great read!

This one looks fit as, and sounds crackin! Never heard of this beast before but I now need one haha.
Build Reports / Re: Emerald Phaser-Redux
June 05, 2023, 09:16:26 PM
That clip was awesome, thanks for sharing! There's something really pleasing about the sweep shape to my ears.

And that tester is fantastic!
Build Reports / Re: Lowrider 2015 on perfboard
June 03, 2023, 12:12:25 AM
If an alien lands tomorrow and asks what patience and dedication means, Imma show them this. Amazing work!
Awesome design! The doubling is super sweet. Love that the range is useful on everything, I never manage that  ;D