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Quote from: jimilee on December 19, 2022, 04:35:10 AM
Pin is the actual solder pad for the input and outputs. VC is +9v VB is usually +5v, or there about, usually. In the power section, you will see a voltage divider, which is typically two resistors with the VB flag between the two. This schematic doesn't feature this particular feature.Hope this helps

This was very helpful thank you!
Hello all, I'm trying my hand at this for the first time with a bit of a background in circuits and such. I've been working on piecing together the Cornholio and I have a few questions about the schematic.
1. What does the circle with "pin" in it mean?
2. What does VC mean? I have been searching and just found that it indicates a voltage, is it just the +9 volts?
Thank you for any help!