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Aion Klone kit arrived in the mail today!
Aion FX has a Klon clone. I'm sold, I think.
More good info. This is exactly what I was hoping for! I'm checking out Aion FX now. I'll find something that feels right, and I've got a while where I need to acquire the tools anyway.
Thanks for the suggestions, folks. I suppose it makes sense that a larger Klon clone would be reasonable, while the mini here is a bit cramped for a first try. I double checked the shop, and see the Green Bean is a Tube Screamer that seems pretty achievable. Guess you can't really have too many overdrive options, and my amp is a 33W that has to get pretty loud for my apartment for the OD really does the thing anyway.

Thanks for the thoughts! I still have to get tools and such, but now I have a possible direction to go in.
Hey folks, I'm a new-ish player and am finding myself interested in building pedals as another part of the hobby. I'm looking at the Mean Bean options for sale, and struggling to figure out where to go. My amp has a foot switch to turn on it's overdrive, so I'm probably set there for a bit (until I get good enough to build the Klone). I was considering a looper, or some kind of delay pedal, but figuring out which options on the shop are those, and finding an easy one that's still well featured seems opaque to me. Thoughts?