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Twin Screw Kompressor and a Mini...
« on: December 30, 2013, 03:44:34 AM »
2 builts for me! Yiiihaa! :D

Been trying to get done the Ğdrive lineğ of my high gain setup, 2 others to go and it will be finished.

First is a mini ZenDrive, it works perfectly with the 7string guitar, the pickup i have on those are lower gain and less beefier in sounding, that helps to get the lower frequency pass through and stay articulated and clean (under tons of dirt  ;D )

Had fun using some ribbon cable left overs that i found in a scrap stuff box...

Stacked RC4559/TL082, why?   ::) because i had'nt tried that combo yet!  :o
LED in D2, for the assymetrical clipping.

The actual setting that i use...

Twin Screw Komp

Dave's 4Knob Comp (Modded Ross)
GCFX RottenKomp (Layout by Dave too   8) )

A/B Footswitch (status LED)
Master Bypass Footswitch

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