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Fuzzrite (not a madbean build, but my first use of decals)

Started by dwstanford, April 02, 2011, 03:39:25 AM

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This is a fuzzrite i built with a vero layout.  it is the first pedal i have done with a waterslide decal.  i really like them. i used testors clear.  i found it really easy to get good results.  i expected to screw it up several times before i got it right, but it went on well first try.  i put on about 5 coats of krylon clear afterwards.

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Nice!! Great job on the decal! I'm still trying to get the printing method done. haha
Which fuzzrite did you build, the germanium or silicon version? How does it sound? This is the next vero build I'm gonna do! I'm super excited.
Also I would recommend doing Dragonfly's One Knob Fuzz if you haven't. Super simple vero and it sounds fat. 60's fuzz ala blue cheer. Left me somewhere out on the parchment farm  ;D
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This is a silicon fuzz rite with 3904's I believe.  I tried several different transistors and I can't remember what I settled on, but I'm pretty sure theyre 3904's.  Ive got some germanium transistors on the way so I will try out a germanium version pretty soon.  This version definitely gives you that Davy Allan and the Arrows biker fuzz sort of sound.  Tons of treble.  One thing that surprised me about this pedal is it's versatility.  It cleans up nice with the vol knob and it reacts well to the guitar's tone knob also.  I expected a one trick pony, but got a whole lot more awesome fuzz tones than I bargained for.  I am definitely going to try the dragonfly one knob fuzz.  I love one knob fuzz pedals and ive heard good things about this one. 


Nice to know. I usually forget about the 2N3094's but they are good working cheap transistors! I'm glad your diggin your so much. I should have the parts to build mine in the next few days!! Yea the Germ version is slightly different, but IIRC I got it from dragonfly's layouts.
GeekMcdaddy posted a few builds he did of the germ version on BYOC. Said he didn't really like the sound of the silicon version for the reason of there being too much treble. He said it sounds more like the 60's recordings and it makes sense as they more than likely had germanium's in their pedals at that time! He did an great mod with a 1P12T rotary switch. You can check it out here! Gut shots for both if you scroll down.
I personally wanna build both of them. You just got me more stoked on it  ;D
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God bless!


I believe the mosrite versions were germanium up until about 1968 when they switched to silicon builds ( more for economic means than sound)  fuzz face did the same thing then eventually switched back to the germaniums.  I pretty much always prefer the germanium builds to silicon (maybe with the exception of the big muff)  I will post a sound clip if I get time.