Author Topic: Help with my Love Squeeze Compresson Clone  (Read 820 times)


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Help with my Love Squeeze Compresson Clone
« on: February 12, 2016, 10:37:15 PM »
Hello All,

I'm in fact a newbie at this whole pedal building game, but I'm currently a student at the Art Institute of Seattle undergoing their Audio Design program. This quarter I'm in a semi-advanced electronics class, and my final project is to build a pedal clone. I've chosen the Rothwell Love Squeeze (Info on this pedal found under link 1). I'm building it from a layout posted on (link 2), and I wanted to MOD this pedal using the advice from one of MadBean's very own Midwayfair (link 3).   

Link 1: Love Squeeze information

Link 2: Love Squeeze Vero Layout

Link 3: Madbeanpedal forum about Love Squeeze MODS

in the madbeanpedal forum post Midwayfair said to vary R10 with a 10K pot (assuming linear) for a threshold control. Also vary R9 with a 10K pot for an attack control (also assuming linear, but confused on what is actually happening). Does R9 (22R) keep the attack at almost immediate, or does varying the resistance up to 10K make the attack almost immediate? Midwayfair also said to vary R11, the decay resistor, with a 100K pot for a full second of decay.

my biggest questions are, if i go ahead and MOD in a threshold control, attack control, and decay control will the pedal still maintain its balance and perform as expected? Because of the design of my enclosure, i would like to make R11 (Decay control) a 100K trimpot mounted on the inside of the enclosure or on the strip board itself, as a kind of "variable set and forget" control. leaving me with my main VOLUME, THRESHOLD, COMPRESSION, and ATTACK on the front of my enclosure. because i havnt purchased anything yet i cant tell you if this will work, but i would like advice to see if my theory is sound, or perhaps input to make it the way i would like? the end goal is to make this idea a reality so there is a deadline.


I have a KILLER design picked out for this project and i would be more than happy to post pictures of the final product so the people that helped me can see what i did with their knowledge.


Cameron (Darko28064212)