Author Topic: Stomptown Screaming Baby w/Keeley Mods  (Read 857 times)

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Stomptown Screaming Baby w/Keeley Mods
« on: May 23, 2016, 02:58:21 PM »
Finished this one up early this afternoon.  Basically an itty-bitty Tube Screamer stuffed into a 1590A with a couple mods.  Changed R3 and R13 to 511K (mod calls for 510s but all Mouser had were 511s), R6 to 2.4K, C3 to 51pf (stacked a 50pf and a 1pf), C4 to 100nf, C6 to 180nf, and used an OPA 2134.  I'm probably the only guy on the face of the planet that has not ever played with a stock Tube Screamer so I can't really say how this one is different but it is a nice, gutsy overdrive.  Stacks great with a MadBean Egghead!  Add a ROG Tri-Vibe and it goes full on SRV!  Had a real pretty green anodized CNC aluminum 1590 A+ box to put this in but managed to get brain dead at the drill press and ... the results were not optimal.  The cheapo no-name box from BLMS seems to work just fine though - someday it will get some color and a bit of decoration beyond the current craft stamp letters.  Board from Stomptown, some resistors from Mouser, the rest and most caps from Tayda, Small Bear provided jacks, pots, knobs, and the IC.  Used vero bits and some ribbon cable to hook up the pots - feeling kind of clever about that.

Plain Jane outside:

And the guts: