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'standard' jacks in 1590g builds?

Started by aldaraia, December 09, 2016, 10:23:20 PM

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planning on building a mimik very soon, but I'm having trouble sourcing the jacks. the only place I can find that has the lumberg compact jacks in stock is a store in australia and truth be told i'd rather not spend $10-15 on a pair of jacks if a couple larger jacks will work.

has anyone tried using the standard neutrik or switchcraft jacks in the 1590g builds with any success? will they just outright not fit at all?


jimilee is where my last ones came from, of course at 10 at a time, shipping weren't bad.

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There are a few stateside that have them. I know that bitcheslovemyswitches is sold out right now but mammoth and small bear typically have them.

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Bought mine from Paul in Australia as well, shipping was very reasonable as was delivery time when i bought mine.

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