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Re: VFE Update
« Reply #60 on: April 29, 2017, 07:07:32 PM »
OK, this ~April 29th bit has got me tied in knots now that the anticipation of these boards is at fever pitch.  I flash back to when I missed out on the Laserwolf boards on their initial run and think how cool it was to get in on the second round.

I'll probably screw this one up too.

Anyway, the take away from all this is that I'm sitting on a turd load of pcb stock specifically to emulate the MB etched PCB faceplates and I realize that I haven't done squat to get up to speed on it.  Damn how time flies.

Nice job on that plate and I have a few boxes that I totally buggered up drilling that will be great donors for this approach.

Except I sit here hitting the refresh button :-)
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Re: VFE Update
« Reply #61 on: April 29, 2017, 08:50:55 PM »
I accidentally ordered 14 pieces of the .012 black fr4 clad sheets from abc fab and they are worthless for what I wanted them for so this has sparked an incredible idea. Thanks madbean, I always find useful info every time I go thru this forum.