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what are you guys listening to at the moment?

Started by the3secondrule, August 25, 2011, 01:36:39 PM

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The last Mastodon

Their new release that just came out the 31st, "Emperor of Sand" is awesome.

I'll have to check it out. I remember not really liking a few of their last releases. Leviathan was my favorite so far.

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Yes just listening, if i missing something, but prefer definitely the old Mastodon.
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And playing along. Even the dog came in to look at me funny ...

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"Little things that make so happy
All I want to do is live by the sea
Yeah little things that make me so happy
But it's good
Yes it's good
Yes it's good to be free."

Still my favourite band of all time. Still amazed they made it to their second album. You just don't get rock and roll like that any more, with news articles about punch-ups in the street.
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Been listening to Tycho all day since I am seeing them tonight here in Fresno.

Super excited.



Spent the day at the National Folk Festival, for something a bit different.  (By 'National', I mean 'Australian'). 

Lots of good guitar, as long as you don't mind it mixed with bagpipes, dulcimer, didgeridoo, fiddle, etc.  I think my favourite was the German duo covering Rammstein and Kraftwerk on guitar, accordion and glockenspiel.  :)

Anyway, if you're ever in Canberra this time of year, it's a fun 4 or 5 days. 


Been a long time since I gave this a listen

Still a FANTASTIC record!


I've always been a massive sucker for grand, majestic pipe organ recordings.

If you're careful with your eyes, you can spot his lightning-fast changes of the stops -- I'm no expert, but I think that the buttons between keyboards load "Pre-set" stop settings. (The un-obtrusive digital stuff on the console suggest MIDI underpinnings.)
"A man is not dead while his name is still spoken."
- Terry Pratchett
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Little Charlie & Organ Grinder Swing - Skronky Tonk
The whole album is fantastic.


"Back On The Controls", by Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

It's a bit odd to listen to, in that it doesn't have that slightly hissy sound that a lot of old 70s dub has, but otherwise it's like a time machine. I like the story behind the album, too :)
"A man is not dead while his name is still spoken."
- Terry Pratchett
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this week is feeling a little country
jerry jeff walker - viva terlingua!
townes van zandt - the late great townes van zandt
waylon jennings - honky tonk heroes
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Something new to me from another of the various comps my wife brings home... "Young Lady, You're Scaring Me", Ron Gallo

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I'm 35, but was lucky to get introduced to music in the early 90's.  I grew up as an grunge kid, and listened to a lot of the great alternative bands of that era.  But somehow, I never really listened to Dinosaur Jr.  I was able to see them live in Omaha in a tiny club a couple of months ago.  1.  It's the loudest show I have ever been to; if you ever see a rig rundown from J. Mascis, all of those amps are really on, whether it's at an outdoor festival or a 500 person club.  2.  The guitar chops, the killer bass, the hard hitting drumming; it's like the perfect storm for me.  The the crazy thing is that since they've gotten back together, all of the music they're recording is top notch. 

So here's to happily finding a band I missed in my youth.