Author Topic: Combining a TS Circuit Into a LM386 Amp  (Read 647 times)


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Combining a TS Circuit Into a LM386 Amp
« on: February 15, 2019, 01:20:42 PM »
Hi All,
I'm building a 9v LM386 cigar box amp and want to include a bufferless TS type circuit that can be engaged as needed.  I just finished one of the CB Gitty ones and like it, but like it so much better with my TS-808 clone in front of it.  Essentially, I would like to have that in one package and use a toggle switch that would allow me to select between regular LM386 mode and TS mode.  I think it can be done, but I can't wrap my head around the best way to wire every thing up.  I'd like to build both circits on the same vero board.  Any help on how to wire all of this together and what type of toggle switch to use would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Combining a TS Circuit Into a LM386 Amp
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2019, 02:35:46 PM »
Hey! Welcome to the forum.

It sounds to me like what you're essentially doing is plugging a TS into an amp. The difference is that you would be eliminating the jacks and cabling between them. If you think of it that way then you can think of the switch as the bypass stomp switch in your TS pedal. I'm assuming you would rather it be a toggle switch than a stomp, so you would just need a 3PDT toggle switch. In fact, if you don't need an LED indicator you can just use a 2PDT toggle.

If you're familiar with how pedal bypass wiring works, you should be able to sort it out from there. If not, this link should help you out.

So, your wiring flow should go something like this:
input jack > input lug on switch > TS circuit input > TS circuit output > output lug on switch > amp input > amp circuit > amp output > output jack.

Or, put simply, follow the grounded wiring scheme from the above link just as the diagram shows but treat the input of your amp as if it's the output jack from the diagram.

I hope that helps! If not, don't be afraid to keep asking questions until it makes sense. And, if you get it working, make sure to post a build report!