Author Topic: Kansas City Prairiemaster #4 (treble booster and clean boost)  (Read 200 times)


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Kansas City Prairiemaster #4 (treble booster and clean boost)
« on: January 14, 2020, 11:57:48 AM »
For some reason I thought I had shared this but apparently not.  This is the 4th Kansas City Prairiemaster I've built.  It's the first one in a normal 1590BB box as I realized I didn't need the extra height in the first two boxes.  I also did some control re-labeling.  This is also the first one in a "custom color" of hunter green. 

This one is really unique in that it's being auctioned on my Facebook page to help add to Kansas City Disc Golf's 2020 Ice Bowl donation to local KC food pantries to help fight hunger! Last year I donated one of Grind Custom's Supernature effects I built to a raffle, but felt that the auction would be better as non disc golfers would bid on it.  I'm really excited to let a few of my passions overlap like this!

Also, this one comes with sound demos!  And pictures by someone good with a camera!  The gutshot was by me and looks like crap, as expected :).  I had a lot of fun learning some of the ins and outs of recording guitar over the past two weeks.  I'm going to try to make demos a regular thing going forward on other builds.  Check out some of the sound demos here:

If by chance you're interested in helping support Kansas City Disc Golf's effort to fight hunger in the metro, you can find information about the auction on my Facebook page: