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Started by Willybomb, November 21, 2020, 11:27:29 AM

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That's right guys.  It's a New 80's Tube PreAmp Day.

I saw an ADA MP1 on a trestle table at a garage (yard sale) sale for $20AUD, and I believe the whole street heard me yell "Oh my god" as I threw the cash at the bloke.

I took it to the local and tried it with a step down transformer and it powered up.  I purchased the step down.

I took it home and plugged it all in.  Finally worked out how to edit the preset and got some sound.  No other presets worked, so I did a preset reload and I had sound.  I believe the internal battery is flat as it returns to a "All zero" state in all the patches until the patch is edited or all the presets are reloaded, so I will replace that and we should be golden.

I don't know that it will be part of my rig, but I had to have it, working or not.  I will do a tone capture for my Mooer Preamp Live though...



Excellent score!  I've always been on the lookout for one of these just to have.  The battery is a PITA to find but there's tons of mods on the interwebz to swap it out with a CR2032 and holder.
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Well, I'm jealous.  What an amazing score.  I wanted one of these as a kid and still sort of do.
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The ol' garage sale, aye...?!? Whoop whoop.
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Yep, that's an awesome score. Years ago somebody gave me one they had as a parts spare and I was too young to think about repairing it and immediately disassembled it and salvaged for parts. I probably still have a couple of knobs hanging out somewhere.

I looked it up a few months back and was surprised to find that ADA makes a couple of MP1 based pedals now which look pretty cool.

The APP-1 and the MP-1-Channel


QuoteThe battery is a PITA to find but there's tons of mods on the interwebz to swap it out with a CR2032 and holder.

Fixed it today.  Took me longer to unscrew the top and bottom lids off than it did to replace the battery with a holder.  Works fine now.