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Mimir's Well

Started by bcalla, December 28, 2020, 07:14:31 PM

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I finally finished my first pedal in about 2 years.  I didn't go back and check my last build report, so it might actually be a little longer.  I did build a couple electronic projects - a clock & a drum machine.   But the 3 or 4 pedals I worked on since my last build were fairly complex, and unfortunately epic fails.  So they wound up on a shelf that is optimistically labeled "Needs Troubleshooting."  Maybe I'll actually try to get them working some day...

A few months ago someone posted a build report for Mimir's Well by MAS Effects.  It looked amazing, so I decided to ignore my fails and give it a shot.

It's all digital and comes with 7 built in patches in one bank, plus it includes another 16 that you can select yourself (2 additional banks of eight).  Since I play both bass & guitar I got 8 additional guitar effects plus 8 bass effects.  And I ordered an extra bank of 8 strange guitar effects that I can swap in if I want to use them.

Cutting the rectangle for the display screen was a PITA, but it came out pretty neat.  However, I now know that I could do it again if I needed to.


Very cool build. I have been thinking about this one. What do you think of the patches? How does it sound?


Very tidy and excellent! Great way to store the extra patches...
How do you like the sounds and options?
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In general, the patches sound good.  I especially like the delays.  The reverse reverb & reverse delay are cool.  Some of the others are pretty wild, the extra chip set I bought were some of the more extreme ones.  Most (but not all) can be tamed by adjusting the parameters.  But at $1 per patch I figured it would be fun to have them.  Also, as of this writing the Slow Gear doesn't work, so skip that.


Keeping the extra banks on foam blocks is quite clever, I have to steal that idea.  On mine I added relay bypass but wish I'd had room to add a tails switch.  I like the graphics, that looks very sharp.  I agree, the rectangle cutout is a pain but it's cool having the display.
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That is amazing. I'm trying to work up the courage to build one. The enclosure is my main hold back. Cutting big square holes seem more tedious than anything.
Pedal building is like the opposite of sex.  All the fun stuff happens before you get in the box.


Wow, that looks great! Graphics are really cool  8) How did you cut the square?  Makes me wish I still had access to a mill. 


Quote from: Bio77 on December 28, 2020, 10:51:27 PM
Wow, that looks great! Graphics are really cool  8) How did you cut the square?  Makes me wish I still had access to a mill.
I marked the rectangle very carefully with a felt-tip.  1/8" in from each corner I drilled a 1/4" hole that abutted the lines I marked.  Then I used a metal cutting disk on my Dremel to very slowly & carefully cut into the line, making a rut that outlined the perimeter.  I was going to use the cutting disk to finish, but I realized that it would be easier to use a step-drill in my drill press to remove as much of the aluminum as I could.  Then back with the cutting disk to remove a few larger pieces that jutted into the open area.  Finally, a combination of a Dremel grinding attachment and hand filing made the edges pretty even.

My favorite part of the finishing process was covering it with Envirotex.  I taped a piece of smooth clear plastic behind the open rectangle so that when I poured the ET it formed a "window" that will protect the LCD screen.  Unfortunately I used thin flexible plastic (like some produce packaging in a grocery store) and when I tried to remove it from the inside after the ET cured, it de-laminated so there's still a thin layer behind the window.  It makes the window a little hazy, but that's not very noticeable when the screen is lit.  I think if I did it again I would use heavier plastic - maybe cut out a piece of a CD case - so that I could remove it in one piece.


Phenomenal build and execution!   :)
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