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Changing frequency filter caps…
« on: June 16, 2022, 12:26:30 PM »
SO, I'm interesting in tinkering with modifying the filtration of the Super-Fuzz circuit and wondering a few things:

Are these two caps the main ones? From what I've searched, the filter is a bandpass, essentially making it a mid-scoop filter (at least it sounds like Metallica when I switch it on :P )

If I was to omit one of the caps, simply jumpering it, would I make it into a low/high pass depending on the values of the caps?

Could I modify it into more of a notch filter, where I'm boosting mids vs cutting them?

I'm pretty sold on the idea of replacing the switch with a pot to give more tonal control also, but generally I LIKE the circuit, I just don't like mid scooping, personally.


edit: I just realized this is my bad schematic lol. Yeah, the barrel jack for power has the poles swapped :|  just ignore that, I'll have to get a new board, I know, but just forgot about it.

edit 2: yeah, there's lots wrong with this schematic… it was my first, though. I hadn't figured out how to mirror drawings :S
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