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Started by pandadandan, December 13, 2010, 01:26:35 PM

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nothing too fancy here.  the bottom left stuff is pretty much constantly in flux.
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Necro thread revival:

Got a CIOKS AC-10 to power my board the other day.  Of everything I've built, nothing really gets me like my HT-dual, so combined with my desire to have everything powered off one cable I had to go and get a stupidly expensive PS that was more reliable than SLOPPY.

Tuner, naughtyfish, wah, Leviathan, HT-dual, Lightspeed, Stealth, Endgame.


Nice toys... Just got me a black Star HT dual too, lovin it with the strat :)


I've repaired a few of those HT's and I have to admit they sound very cool.
Gordy Power
How loud is too loud?  What?


New pedalboard day
Well, technically, it's NPD, I made the board a couple weeks ago but finally found the right delay for it.

Doing EQ -> compressor right now but I might swap the order there. I don't actually have much use for a stereo setup, but the option is there ... :)