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Started by pandadandan, December 13, 2010, 01:26:35 PM

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Seeing as this is a site dedicated to the building of effects pedals, I'm intrigued as to what everyone has on their pedalboard.  This is a thread which is exactly the same as the ones found at HCFX/HM/TGP etc.  Pedal porn basically  ;D

I'll go first.  :D

The Danelectro OD has already been replaced since that photo was taken.  It's now got a Cream Pie Deluxe in its place, a kind of full-frequency rangemaster of sorts.

Nothing too out there, save for the rack unit under the big rackmount analogue delay.  That's a Sony DPS-V77, and is mindblowingly powerful.  The midi stuff is all just for that unit.



I don't have a board, but this was all my pedals (plus one going out...) that I had as of about a month ago (2 more added since). Not bad considering I've now been doing this hobby a for about 18 months...

Edit - Thought I should probably add what they all are. Starting in the top left:

Agent Orange - Orange Squeezer
Fuzzy Kitten - ROG 24/7 on one of John Lyon's boards. It's a CMOS BMP
The Gameboy Effect - Insonicbloom's slightly disfunctional (and damned fragile) take on Tim Escabedo's PWM+LFO. It doesn't work, but the way it doesn't work makes it awesome.
Angel - Rick Holt's Little Angel chorus on a GuitarPCB board
QotSA Drive - Catlinbread SFT
Clone Abduction - The only pedal here that's a re-housed commercial pedal. I bought a tatty old Small Clone and made it pretty.
Master Shredder - Marshall Shredmaster, BYOC kit
Brazillian Beaver - Rev3 BMP with tweaked tonestack amongst other things
Echoes - BYOC Ping/Pong kit
Trek Phaser - BYOC Phase 90 kit
Tonebender: Russian Bullgod edition - An NPN Tonebender MkII Pro into a SHO
SG1 - Boss SG1 built on a BYOC board
Foxxy Lady - Foxx Tone Machine
Zach in a Box - Box of Rock
Thermionic Overdrive II - Renegadrian's Twincaster slightly frigged for different valves
Thermionic Vibradrive - A Vibracaster with the same valve
Danger! High Voltage - A bit of a lie, it's only 12v. It's a EF86 valve boost again frigged to use different valves. Also added tone, gain and selectable clippers.
The Hypnotoad - Rick's Causality 4 phaser. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD
2 Face - Catlinbread Merkin Fuzz and Fulltone 70 (no mids control and frigged for more bottom end)
EchoEcho - Echobase, Can't remember where I got the PCB for this *blushes*
Prom Girl - Rick's Promiscuous Girlfriend
Elunium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator - Tim Escabedo's Uglyface + LFO and mods. Actually in bits at the moment as the LFO section has never worked correctly. I've re-assembled it as a Uglyface and wi'll be dropping in a new LFO on Thursday hopefully.
Hot Sholicon - A Hot Silicon with low gain transistors into a SHO
Snow White - Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah. Built on a GuitarPCB board.
Darkside - Cornish G-2. My first Madbean build. It has a 100K pot in place of the 10K vol to make it a little more flexible.

The big thing on the bottom right is the Vibratron - It's a EF86 boost into a Vibracaster.

Not shown are:

Zombie Tramp - Phase 45 on a GGG board
Klone - Klon on a Madbean Board
Ooherr - OohWah II on a Madbean Board
Gnomepage - DIY effects library & stuff in the Stompage bit
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^YES!  Juansolo I love your work.  ZVex-in-a-box is one of my faves.


Quote from: tonedeaf on December 13, 2010, 06:08:00 PM
^YES!  Juansolo I love your work.  ZVex-in-a-box is one of my faves.

Cheers! I do like that, even if it's a bit surreal. I also seem to rotate them a lot as I've built quite a lot more than this, but a lot of them get recycled for parts if I'm not keen. Leaving me with just the stuff I really like (and the SG-1, which kinda freaks me out and I'm not that keen on. I just keep it as it's a nice build). It's also dawned on me looking at that, that I have the right knobs for the COD kicking around, I must swap them over.
Gnomepage - DIY effects library & stuff in the Stompage bit
"I excite very large doom for days" - playpunk


I'm curious about your tube-based pedals. what are they? what voltage are you operating them at?


Holy crap Juansolo!!!!! They all look outstanding! Give me a bit I've got to square mine away. With the new builds and I just grabbed a used TC Elec. Nova Delay mine is kinda in a state of flux rght now. But I'll have something close to being finalized tonight I think :o Peace. J.J.B.


Ok this not anywhere near done. The last three in the front end chain from the left are my Yellow Shark, Neutrino Burst, and the Egodriver. I just threw this together to play through tonight. There is still to many for my taste. My Holy Grail is up on the amp. I realy like it as "grab and go" as it can get and it ain't there yet. Peace. J.J.B.


Don't have a pedal board running currently, but here is a bunch of pedals built recently. as you can see, my artistic skills leave something to be desired, so I've gone for the "industrial aesthetic". works for me :-)

clockwise from top-left:
Ge Fuzzface
Woolly Mammoth
faultline (SFT)
Fuzz factory
Green ringer
2 knob big muff - from layout "Bikini wax" on freestompboxes
aquaboy with mod board
4ms phaseur fleur
prunes n custard
Noise swash

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I keep my unused pedals in either two drawers of an old dresser and/or a laundry basket for easy transport to the amp room.

I'll have to take pics of that.  lol :)  I've got a few. 


Quote from: stecykmi on December 13, 2010, 07:29:48 PM
I'm curious about your tube-based pedals. what are they? what voltage are you operating them at?

The Twincaster (Thermionic OD II) and Vibracaster (Vibradrive) are running 12DW8 valves that were designed for car audio use and are running correctly at 12v. The Prom Girl is one of Rick Holt's designs and I think it charge pumped up to about 80v or so (Rick can correct me on that one if I'm wrong). The others are mostly 12v but not feeding the heaters as much power on them as maybe they should. They still work nice though.

The Twincaster is my fave though. It does an incredibly close impression of an amps OD stage. Brilliant thing and I'll be making a new one shortly for someone which will allow me to tweak it a little more too. It's massively power hungry though. The thing draws nigh on 1A on it's own.
Gnomepage - DIY effects library & stuff in the Stompage bit
"I excite very large doom for days" - playpunk


Quote from: juansolo on December 14, 2010, 07:17:00 AM
The thing draws nigh on 1A on it's own.
:o  :o  :o holy crap!  Talk about needing it's own dedicated power supply...


Heres my pedals, built a few more since this. Everything on the board is diy.

Top from right to left:whammy iv, crybaby 535q wah, box of metal, danelectro tuner, behringer uo300, boss rc-2, and modded metal zone.
Top row of the board right to left: snow white into causality 4 phaser, atoner, tap tempo tremolo, 7k phaser fleur, stage 3.
Bottom- sliqfuzz(1kf), 7of9 phase 90 vibe, byoc analog delay, some persons stage 3 that needs to be picked up, and the byoc esv fuzz(germ). next to that is a dual tap box i made for the rc-2


This is my current pedal board... I am missing my slow loris because a friend borrowed it for a recording and I am waiting on it to come back.

guitar les paul w/p90's or 54' reissue strat ->

modtone tuner,barber tone press,sunking,mxr bluebox clone with volume mod, zombii fuzz, pork barrell chorus, double flush trem, phase 90, deluxe memory boy, moog expression pedal into the deluxe memory boy.

I am about to loose the phase 90 because it is borrowed but I don't use it as much as I used to anymore.

I generally go into my carmen ghia clone or a crate vintage club 20.  


The tone press has been showing up in a few of these boards...
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