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Egodriver - fulltone OCD

Started by eniacmike, September 28, 2010, 02:38:14 AM

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I have had an OCD for a while now and It is one of my favorite overdrives, well at least its the one I always go back to for comparisons. I decided to just have fun with this build. There are no subs. I made one mistake and put one of the mosfets in backwards and when I tried to rework it but I couldn't get the holes cleared. one of the problems with through hole plated pcbs. I ended up just tying the mosfet in on the component side and it is holding and working fine like that.

Off the bat I can tell my build is quieter noise wise compared to the fulltone build. I can't really do a cranked demo right now but hopefully tomorrow I can do one.

The hardest part was spending time trying to find the right fonts for the graphics. I didn't realize it either until I was done painting that the fulltone pedal is an off white. If anybody wanted to know the fonts are comic sans, brush script standard, and gonzo.

I also moved my power switch to the input side because that is my favorite side to put it on.

It was a pretty tight fit getting the board in there. If I had to do it again I would try to get some of those mini electrolytics to keep the board height down. or I would use a cliff 125b enclosure.



HALFTONE! I love it! I don't know why but I found that so funny but I'd of shot milk out my nose after reading that! Provided I was drinking milk...

As it is I got a healthy gut laugh out of it. So good work on that!
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I laughed for like 30 seconds straight when I saw the pedal drying after clear coat.


decal what you use?...its so very cool.........
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lazertran waterslide decal for laser printers.

I think the key for the decals was letting it sit on the pedal for 24 hours before clearcoating.

I have made a bunch of pedals when I rushed it and clearcoated right after applying the decals and the few times I was patient enough to let the decals sit for 24 hours they seem to bond better to the surface.


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Great Job man... I love clones that rip the original, especially fulltone.

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It's funny: the only pedal I've built that tried to emulate the original look is the OCD. I kinda dig the simplicity of it. It's no work of art, but it has some style and is highly functional. Kinda like the pedal.

Anyway...I love this "Ego". :)


I did a back to back test today and they sound identical. Usually knob placement might be a little different but they are identical. I was a little disappointed because I thought my build would be less noise than the Fulltone build because I used all metal film resistors but it didn't seem to make any difference both pedals had the same amount of noise. I am going to try swapping the op amp for something a little more hi-fi and see if that helps.


The TL082 is a TL072 with a higher noise spec. So, changing the IC might have some impact.


Thanks for the comparison between the original and Ego.  For the record I like your "ego a little more"   :D
Anyways...where did you pick up the sweet led setup?
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They sell those led bezels at my local electronics shop. they also have the flush mount bezels that catalinbread uses but I think they only come in green.


Figures... :(  I'm still looking for a local electronics shop in the eastern PA area, still no luck.  Radio shack is a joke, but occasionally they have something I can use.   ::)
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radio shack sells the chrome bezels those are really nice.

I like to buy knobs at radio shack they have these HUGE mxr style knobs and the fulltone supatrem style knobs. They also sell a grabbag thing of npn transistors that is pretty cool for stocking your bench with.