Author Topic: Multiple Project Updates  (Read 8343 times)


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Multiple Project Updates
« on: October 26, 2010, 11:04:43 AM »
There are a few updates that needed to be made to some project docs. Here's the list:

Bumblebee - C2, C3 changed to 4u7 from 47uF. Somehow the values were changed between versions 2 and 2.5

Cherrybomb - Removed the links to Mallory caps listed as "alternatives". These are actually too big for this board.

EgoDriver / Serendipity - The 2n7000s incorrectly pictured a p-junction transistor in the schematic, where it should be n-junction. This is only a mistake in the schematic drawing---the layout is unaffected.

Slambox - added a note about using 47k and 100k resistors for the R4 output.