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New Jimi Pedals

Started by murdog47, October 26, 2012, 09:09:24 PM

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Quote from: oldhousescott on October 29, 2012, 02:02:36 PM
I saw EJ in concert in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago, and for the encore, he brought out Eric Gales and they did two or three Jimi songs. I had heard his name, but wasn't familiar with his playing. That dude can rip! And, yeah, it's kind of weird to watching him playing, what to me is, backwards and upside down.

Doyle Bramhall III plays upside down too! there's a high proportion of blues players that do that. I beleive albert king's another, he uses some oddball tuning as well.
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Jeff Healey was one of my very favourite odd guitarists. Completely blind, he plays with the guitar laying flat on his lap, and he plays the guitar much like a piano. He lost his eyes to cancer at age one, and lost his life to cancer at age 41. He was from Toronto (same as me), and regularly would play blues jam nights in places all over the GTA. Sorely missed, died waaay too young.

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Yeah, I remember seeing him in the movie Road House as a kid and thinking "how the hell can someone play guitar if they cant see? " I could see and i couldnt play for crap.  What an incredible guy.


Dick Dale is probably my favorite of the upside down players and one of the only non-blues players I've seen do it well.