Author Topic: 03.03.13 - Domestic and International Shipping adjustments  (Read 4611 times)


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03.03.13 - Domestic and International Shipping adjustments
« on: March 03, 2013, 02:34:47 PM »
Based on what I've seen happening with Domestic and International shipments over the last few weeks (after the new rates went into effect) I've made the following adjustments to shipping costs. The shipping rates are also now based on the total order amount, rather than the number of PCBs ordered.


U.S.A. Rates (1st Class)
Order Amount    Shipping
$0.01 - 49.99    $2.00
$50 - 99.99    $2.50
$ 100 or more    $3.00
Domestic orders of $ 100 or more will be upgraded to Priority at no additional cost.

International Rates
Order Amount    Shipping
$0.01 - 49.99    $3.00 ("Flats")
$50 - 99.99    $8.00 (1st Class)
$ 100 or more    $24 (Priority)
Priority shipping is required for Int'l orders of $100 or more. Transit time is 6-10 business days and tracking is included. Flats and 1st Class generally take 2-3 weeks and does not include tracking.


Most international customers do not order $100 or more (well over 90% of these orders are under $100) so I think this will have a very small effect. You can always break a larger order into two smaller ones to have them shipped separately under the Flats or 1st Class rates. Just remember that Priority is the ONLY option that provides tracking for International orders. I think this is a necessary step for the very large orders I get from time to's just not worth leaving $100 worth of product to the mercy of Customs all over the world.
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