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LaceSensor, you are the ruler. I really appreciate you taking the time to properly format my results.  So I believe that all three IC chips in this circuit are the same, being LM13700N. So my question is, should all three chips then give similar voltage readings?
dang it, I was worried that with the way that I formatted this that it might not be right.  Is there a better way that I can list the voltage readings? All apologies but I'm just not very Internet savvy. I am a dinosaur...
IC 1                         IC 2                      IC 3
1-1.0    9-1.1            1-1.0    9-1.1        1-.9     9-0
2-0      10-0              2-0      10-0          2-.5    10-0
3-3.7   11-3.7           3-3.6    11-3.7       3-6.5  11-0
4-3.6   12-3.7           4-3.6    12-3.7       4-7.1  12-0
5-4.8   13-4.8           5-4.8    13-4.8       5-2.2  13-0
6-0      14-9.4           6-0       14-9.4       6-0     14-9.3
7-4.8   15-4.8           7-4.8    15-4.8       7-0     15-0
8-3.6   16-3.7           8-3.6    16-3.7       8-0     16-.5

Okay, I got all the voltage readings for each of the chips. Can I assume that there is an issue with IC 3 or one of the components in its path?
I am completely clueless when it comes to understanding and reading voltages. I've scoured the internet for information and checked YouTube trying to find a good tutorial that would be fairly specific to my particular situation but I feel overwhelmed and kind of lost. I have a multimeter but I am just not sure where to start. I have a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design and unfortunately that is no help to me here.
Well...Here I am again. After finally getting my Quadratron build to work with everyone's help I started in on another Phaser build with the Redshift. It passes signal and when engaged it also passes signal but there is no phaser effect. I tried switching between Range A and Range B but still nothing. When I flip the Vibrato switch it all but kills the signal with a very weak sound but no effect. None of the rest of the switches seem to have any effect at all.  All LEDs work when engaged, the Level pot works, and the Volume trim pot works. I reflowed solder to all components, checked my wiring, and doublechecked all resistors, caps, diodes, etc. I also tried swapping out LM13700N chips with different ones all to no avail. I'm running the pedal by itself, using a 9-volt power supply, running the pedal into a Marshall Origin 50 and using a Fender 2010 Jazzmaster.
Yeah...I completely fried the footswitch PCB. I definitely overheated the bypass switch, so much so that the solder pads melted off and I even somehow damaged the traces on the board as well. I need to slow down and use a bit of a lighter touch, I think. jwin615, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. I'm definitely going to take your advice and solder the lugs on my footswitches more carefully. I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to get the pedal to work but I'm going to order another PCB and try again.
I honestly can't believe how easy it was to diagnose the issue using the audio probe. I thought it would be this long, arduous process. I checked the rest of the main PCB and it's solid. would be possible to wire the 2 foot switches, 2 resistors, 1 cap, true/buffered bypass switch, and LEDs without using the PCB foot switch, right? It's just a matter of following the traces to their respective components and probably some jumpers and wiring to the foot switches? I am so determined to get this thing working before the weekends' done. The new episode of the JHS Show is entitled, 'You Need A Phaser.' It's taunting me.
I built an audio probe and traced the issue to the footswitch PCB. I was too aggressive with the desoldering iron when removing the footswitch and messed up the solder pads. Thanks again to everyone for all the help.
Wow...Thanks to all of you for such excellent and insightful information. This is the first time I have posted to a forum and it has been such a positive experience. To jwin615 and LaceSensor, you guys have eagle eyes! I never would have noticed that lifted leg on IC 4. As soon as I pulled it up it I saw how wonky it was. So at this point I replaced both footswitches with regular lugs instead of the PCB pins that I had previously installed. This was the first time I used footswitches with PCB pins because I thought they might work better and be easier to install. I also replaced the mono jacks with stereo jacks to see if that might help. Without the pedal engaged it did finally pass signal. With the pedal set to true bypass and then engaging the pedal it does not pass the signal. When set to buffered bypass and plugging into the dry out and connecting it to a second amp it does pass signal to both amps...until I engage the pedal and unfortunately there is silence. 
I did try disconnecting the wires going to the inputs and outputs and switching them but that didn't seem to work. I rewired it as per the instructions from AionFX and this is how it currently looks.
Thank you for the reply! I did try the the pedal in both true and buffered bypass and it still wont pass signal. I also removed the cap at C10.  I checked each op amp on pin 8 for +9V and on 1,2, and 3 they all measured 8.05-On 4,5, and 6 they all measured 8.47
I have never done an audio probe of a circuit before...I don't even know how to read a schematic, but I love building pedals and I'm willing to learn more and put in the work to figure this out. Guess its time to build a audio probe! I don't know if this will help but here are some more pics of my build.
Hey Everyone, I am new to the forum and I am here because I am having issues with my Quadratron build from AionFX. I'm fairly new to pedal building but I have built the Helios, Andromeda, Flare, IVP Preamp, EP-1 Preamp, KOT clone, Duelist clone as well as a handful of pedals from BYOC and General Guitar Gadgets. The issues I am having with the Quadratron is that I can not get it to pass signal...silence. I am powering the unit with a Damage Control 9 volt power supply and all LEDs light up when engaged. The LEDs for the LFOs also light up and seem to be working with the 5 switches. I've tried other power supplies, different cables, and a few different amps. I've verified all caps, resistors, diodes, and IC chips and double checked their values and everything is in its right place. I've reflowed solder to all components, checked the wiring, then rewired it all to not avail. I know I need to check the values of all the IC chips, set the multimeter to DC, anything above 20 V but my readings seem to be all over the place. I'm running the pedal alone through a Fender HRD using a 2019 Gibson SG.