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Well...Here I am again. After finally getting my Quadratron build to work with everyone's help I started in on another Phaser build with the Redshift. It passes signal and when engaged it also passes signal but there is no phaser effect. I tried switching between Range A and Range B but still nothing. When I flip the Vibrato switch it all but kills the signal with a very weak sound but no effect. None of the rest of the switches seem to have any effect at all.  All LEDs work when engaged, the Level pot works, and the Volume trim pot works. I reflowed solder to all components, checked my wiring, and doublechecked all resistors, caps, diodes, etc. I also tried swapping out LM13700N chips with different ones all to no avail. I'm running the pedal by itself, using a 9-volt power supply, running the pedal into a Marshall Origin 50 and using a Fender 2010 Jazzmaster.
Hey Everyone, I am new to the forum and I am here because I am having issues with my Quadratron build from AionFX. I'm fairly new to pedal building but I have built the Helios, Andromeda, Flare, IVP Preamp, EP-1 Preamp, KOT clone, Duelist clone as well as a handful of pedals from BYOC and General Guitar Gadgets. The issues I am having with the Quadratron is that I can not get it to pass signal...silence. I am powering the unit with a Damage Control 9 volt power supply and all LEDs light up when engaged. The LEDs for the LFOs also light up and seem to be working with the 5 switches. I've tried other power supplies, different cables, and a few different amps. I've verified all caps, resistors, diodes, and IC chips and double checked their values and everything is in its right place. I've reflowed solder to all components, checked the wiring, then rewired it all to not avail. I know I need to check the values of all the IC chips, set the multimeter to DC, anything above 20 V but my readings seem to be all over the place. I'm running the pedal alone through a Fender HRD using a 2019 Gibson SG.